Friday, 16 May 2014

Taking Time for Myself

Happy Friday Everyone,

Life has been completely nuts lately.  I've done almost no triathlon training, not to mention that the roots on my hair were about 4 inches long.  It was to the point that I decided I was taking a day off of work to get some stuff done!!  (not to mention Monday is a holiday so that gives me an extra long weekend).

First up....a hair appointment to fix said roots!  My type A personality REALLY comes out when I'm at the salon.

 I'm pretty good until it comes time for my stylist to blow dry the style and then Ms.Bitchy comes out.  Thankfully he knows me well!  He simply looks at me and says "You have 364 other days to do your hair....let me do it this one day."  He is sooooo right.  Why can't I give up the control for one day...and not even one day...but one hour!!!  I should be able to sit and enjoy the pleasure of not doing my own hair!!

Next stop, Chapters to return a book that I bought 3 weeks ago to only discover I already owned it. (I may have too many books).  In it's place, I bought the book below:
Home to do some gardening and then off for a solo run.  I have not had a solo run in a LONG time!  I started out intending to do a nice easy 5k....but it was beautiful out....and that 5k turned into 11k.  This was my longest run since I decided to postpone my half marathon training last summer.  I am very happy to report that there was no ITB pain.   I did enjoy the time in my own thoughts...but the TTP members definitely would have made the time pass so much quicker!
I wore my new lulu lemon was almost too warm for it.
And yes...I stopped someone walking by to take this pic.  LOL
Tomorrow kicks of the Bluenose Marathon Weekend.  I am volunteering at the race expo at the Run Nova Scotia and am excited to participate and feel the energy that I find happens at an expo.  Then the 5k run is in the afternoon. As I'm not running this weekend,  I made signs to help cheer on the runners...including those of the TTP.
These will also be with me on Sunday while cheering
the 1/2 marathon and 10k runners!
I realize that with the summer coming, I really do need to take some time for me.  I love sitting and reading on the deck, or digging in the dirt and I need to ensure that I make time to do those things...along with running and fitness of course. :-)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and do something for yourself...take a bubble bath, read a book, etc!  You deserve it!!!

What type of personality are you?? Any other Type A's out there??


  1. CDO is hilarious! Great job on your run!!!
    p.s. I can't believe you already had that book and didn't know! LOL

  2. I want to see a pic of your before and after roots :) Ha ha Great signs! I watched a race on Saturday here and it was raining like mad. No signs for me :) I like that skort. Looks comfy!

    1. Oh girl....I was before and after shots for me. I am blonder though for getting it done! And the Lulu skort was comfy....although I think it will be too heavy for the hot/humid days of summer.

  3. I'm totally a type A as well, and flirt with some OCD and maybe some ADD tendancies. Seems to have gotten worse in my 30's. Running helps me deal with all of these, but also in some ways makes it worse-scheduling training months at a time, planning for races months and months ahead. Rarely do I just 'go with the flow', which is really a stressful way to live! Glad to hear I'm not the only one! Great blog!

    1. I think running was invented for us with OCD and forces us to not think about anything but running while we are out there doing it!! You are definitely not alone!