Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weekend Overview including Brick Workouts, Cross Training, and Give Away Winner!

Yesterday morning I woke up with the intention of heading to the pool...that didn't happen.  Instead...I decided to go on my first ever brick workout.  A brick workout is a back to back training workout for triathlons.  ie) bike to run, swim to bike, etc. My choice was to bike 10km and then run 2km to get my legs used to jumping off the bike and getting ready to run.

Skinny Chick described it perfectly on my Instagram pic....Gumby legs.  You can't feel just run hoping they are hitting the ground.  What does this lead to? My fastest mile ever...LOL

 Then I was off to motivate some ladies at the 2nd Sole Sisters Workshop.  There were about 50 ladies in attendance and it's so much fun when they start to open up and share stories.  In this type of environment, woman are always so supportive of each other.  It's refreshing!

What am I doing in the top right hand picture??
In all the pictures that were taken, I am making the oddest faces.  I guess I am very animated when presenting to an audience.  The rain held off until about the last kilometer of the social run...and then it came down in buckets!!! 

Today saw the 2nd cross training group.  We had a least I think they did.  They all pushed their limits and walked away happy that they had come out.  Can't wait to see the progress they make over the coming weeks.

And finally, I drew for the Sweaty Girl tshirt giveaway that some of you entered.  The winner is Wendy me and we'll get you hooked up with the correct size.  Thanks to everyone who dropped by and left a comment on their favorite running city!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and a wonderful mother's day.  I know my 4-legged children celebrated with me this morning!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by Runner Girl!!!


  1. Gee your triathlon is coming up soon on the horizon! I didn't realize it was so close. :0

  2. Training never gets easier! What a great event and then a social run. I need to find event like this close to me I'm always looking for new running groups.