Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Entourage!

It seems that most athletes have an entourage that they rely on to keep them injury free.  I talk about my physio and massage therapist quite a bit...especially in the last few weeks...so I thought I would introduce you.

Please meet my physiotherapists, Jeff and Robbie.  They performed my 3D gait analysis and Jeff reaches out to me constantly when I'm complaining about my IT Band.  Just tonight for instance, I went to visit Jeff and got a thorough finger lashing for not doing my physio homework!  He even threw in some short jokes for good measure.  LOL
They were voted the #1 Physio place by consumer choice
 Now, please let me introduce you to Meg.  Meg is my massage therapist and she knows how to hit all my pain points.  We even joked last night that she's like a dominatrix....LOL....I pay her to give me pain and I leave feeling better afterwards.  Last night it was my piriformis.

I stole this pic from her linked-in profile.
I asked Jeff about my piriformis tonight, he said it's classic overcompensation. 
Doesn't everyone carry LuLu shorts
in their purse for unexpected physio appts. 
Because my glutes are weak, my gluteus minimus to be exact, my piriformis is working extra hard at stabilizing my left leg when I run thus causing it to be super tight!  He gave me a good stretch to help with that.  We also reviewed my physio exercises and got a stern talking to about doing them daily!!!!  Good news though....when he retested me, I had strengthened from my original assessment.  I think that is what I struggle with as it's not something I can see or measure in terms of getting any better.  When you work on cardio, you can feel it getting better; when you work on biceps or triceps or abs, you can usually see changes in your physique; but with my glutes...I've got NOTHING!

On top of the physio exercises, G also gave me a list of other glute exercises to do.  I will beat this!!

And finally....last night I did a wall sit.  My plan is to do a minute each day...and then push it further.  In gymnastics, this was a go-to conditioning move and it sure does work the legs.  Nothing like a good shake to know you're working them.
Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!!!   Remember....

So tell me.....do you have an entourage that you rely on to help you get through the tweaks of pain that you feel???
What about wall sits? Love or Hate them???


  1. oh Lordy, I still groan at the thought of wall sits. I haaaated those, but based on how hard they are, they sure do work!

  2. Wall sits make you realize just how weak some of your muscles actually are! They're hard. I love my PT and masseuse for real....lol. :D

  3. It sounds like you have a great team!