Saturday, 29 March 2014

Canadian Transplant Games

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

I'm sorry I've been absent this week....I came down with 'THE COLD' that is making the rounds.  It knocked me on my ass for 3 days where I did absolutely nothing!!!  The good news is that I'm feeling 85% better.  These have been my friends since last weekend!!!
The Dristan expired years ago but still
worked like a charm.
 I felt well enough today to tackle a bike ride outside.  While I was sick, I got on the stationary bike once for 8k and today I hit outside for 8.5k. I have a lot of work to do as my legs were killing me and there weren't even any LARGE hills.  I have to do 20k for the Sprint Tri but luckily it's around an airport landing strip so fairly flat I'm assuming.
Why can't they make bicycle helmets looks 'cool'??
 Today I had an important meeting to attend.  Last weekend I received an email from G (the individual I helped during Hyundai Hockey Nation).  G wanted to know if I wanted to help train so organ transplant athletes to compete in the Canadian Transplant Games that occur in July.  Hello?  Are you kidding me?  Of course I'll help.  Today was our first meeting to talk logistics, sponsors, where, when, how, etc!  We'll be training athletes between the ages of 20-40 who have had either lung, heart, or kidney transplants. 
I came prepared to take lots of notes!!!
Check out the games!  They are in Moncton, NB this year which means we can follow the athletes right up to the day of their event.

We are waiting on a list of participants and which specific events they are going to be doing.  The NS Dept of Health will be doing before and after testing for qualitative and quantitative figures.  I am honored to be part of this initiative and can't wait to help these individuals reach their goals and feel the amazing accomplishment for all their hard work!!!

Image 16

Only one week until I give my first presentation to Sole Sisters 2014!!!  Eeeeek!    The workshops are FREE and full of great content.  Again, so pumped to be part of this amazing event!  Check out the phone covers the race director had made...can't wait to get my hands on one of these as well.
I think purple is becoming my new fav color
I'm off to watch Captain America....yup...I'm that girl.  Tonight, Indy is having a sleepover with the cutest little boy.  I'll be sure to post pictures in tomorrow's blog so you can all enjoy him. 

Thanks for stopping by and remember.....every person you meet can teach you open to new ideas!!!!


  1. That's really cool :) Such an adventure I bet.

    Glad you are feeling better! Did you bike on the main road? It was a great day for it.

    1. My butt hurts! I'll have to start wearing my bike shorts with the padded butt!

  2. What a great thing to be involved with! Sometimes I wish I lived closer to Charlottetown, where most things like that occur here in PEI.

    Glood luck with your presentation. Write a blog post about it so I can live vicariously!

    Glad you are on the mend. I'm a big fan of the nose spray stuff too... it works better than pills for me!

    1. Will definitely blog about the presentation! Can't wait!!

  3. oh!!! did captain america rock?? I am running as a jazzy loki on my next half mara...cant wait. yup I am THAT girl too. Transplant Games!! Super Awesome...i loved every moment of being involved with commenwealth games (even tho I was only media relations!!) but man. Its uplifting and a great opp for you!

    1. Did it rock? Oh need to see it...before the 2nd one comes out!!

      I'm looking forward to actually going and seeing all the athletes compete!!!

  4. Glad your feeling better :) I cant wait to get my bike out this spring and start cross training :) maybe a bike ride in the future ?