Sunday, 27 April 2014

Doctors Without Borders 3k & A Quad/Core Workout

Happy Weekend everyone!

Phew...I'm glad yesterday is over.  It was a busy one for sure!  First thing in the morning was the Doctor's Without Borders Run.  This run had a 3k, a 5k, and a 10k component through our amazing city park.  I ran this race last year with Erin in the crappiest of conditions.  This year was much better with sunshine and 5 degrees.  There were 5 of the TTP crew running and it was nice to meet up with everyone and cheer them on.  I only did the 3k as I had another run later in the day and didn't want to overdue it.  This event was not officially timed or it was more of a fun run.  I did wear my garmin and ended with an overall time of 16.39 for 3k.
3rd place, 1st female across of only a small group of 20 participants in this distance.
Once I was home, I needed to take Indy to the groomers and then head to a Sole Sisters Social 5k run.  The race isn't until June but every Saturday participants can come run the course and chat with us ambassadors about running and such.  It just happened that the lady that I was running with is doing the same Sprint Triathlon as I am in June.  This is her second year.  You can bet that I grilled her with questions as we ran.  She said my goal of 'just to finish' was a good one for my first year!  She is doing the swim in 16 minutes...holy moly....that's quick in my books.  LOL

A great turnout!  We had 2 Boston Marathon runners with us today and you can bet we asked questions! 
Denise Robson runs with the Elite Women in Boston.  She talked about running a smart race and giving her final kick at mile 22.  How do you have anything left to give at mile 22??  She came in 2nd in her age category and said it's about placement in Boston, not so much your actual time.  Her daughter (the gal in the Boston Strong t-shirt) ran as well yesterday.  I can tell you that she is taking after her mom for sure...that gal was quick!

This morning was SUPPOSED to be cross-training with the TTP.  I had a full class signed up. Unfortunately, as I'm typing, it's starting to rain which means I will have to cancel it.  It's outside and I don't want anyone getting hurt or slipping!  INSTEAD....I did a you tube video and posted it to the group for anyone to use.  I found it challenging...and I only did it one time....not the 2-3 times I recommended.  See how I did as I say, not as I do. 

See what arrived for me yesterday?  These are a great workout and will be incorporated in the cross training.  Watch the video for some ways to use them.

Ignore the devil eyes.  LOL

I'm off to make some energy bites, finish taxes, and write an exam for my nutrition and fitness course!  Have a great Sunday everyone and push those limits!!!


  1. Great job on your run! Finally some great racing weather :D

  2. They look like monkey bars! Ha ha Good job on the 3K! Have a great week!

  3. Those bars look SOO fun!!! Great job on the 3k!