Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Talking while Running

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!  I think I'll start calling this my Wednesday weirdness...and give you a peek into some of my weird habits....more of that in a second.

I missed Monday's night group run as I was feeling a bit under the weather.  However, the group still met and someone else led the run/walk proud of all of them for getting out there!!!!

Last night, one of the faster guys in the group created an event for a quicker run.  I wasn't run/walking with the group (that is tonight) so I said I'd be there.  I've seen numerous posts on facebook where SK has helped some of the gals hit PB's with a quick pace.   As we met, he asked what pace I wanted to run at.  I said 6min/km as my knee is bugging me and I wanted to take it easy.  As we started out, he quickly let me know that we were more around the 5.30/km pace...that's okay...I knew I'd slow down.  He led us around some hills...darn you hills...but I tackled them head on.  And you know what?  I was able to chat with him the whole time.  I'm not sure how I did that...but I managed 'conversational pace' for most of the 3.65k that we did!!!   I ran to our meeting spot making up the 4k.

And what did I do after my speedy run?  Well I came home and ate yummy Chinese food!

And here's the weird Wednesday fact....when the bottle is almost empty, I do drink straight from the bottle....even if it's a 4L bottle.  Not very lady like of me....LOL

I am slowly compiling my Christmas Wish List blog...that sounds greedy of me...but really I'm just making it easy for others who are constantly scratching their heads as to what to get me.

Also....I just came across a 5k run scheduled for December 1st called RUN RUN RUDOLPH in support of Children's Wish Foundation.  I think that's a great cause and am very tempted to sign up for it.  I've also put it out to the group to see if anyone else wants to go!!


  1. I saw that run advertised today, and looked for one here in PEI, but there isn't any. I'm registered for the Santa Shuffle anyway.

    I wish I had someone to chat with on runs. It would make the time go faster, would make me keep going, and keep my mind occupied!

  2. Now I need to order Chinese this!