Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First Nighttime Run (in the Dark)

Let me catch my breath for a second.....cause I ran hard....I don't like the dark!

I was a lazy bum when I got home from work and crashed on the couch until 7:30pm.  Then I kept making excuses why I shouldn't run....Oh...I can do it tomorrow was the biggest one!  Then I remembered that I have 3, yes 3, 5k runs this month.  I'm not going to break any PB's sitting on my butt!!!

By now it's 8:15 and I need to roll out my legs....then get dressed....so it's now 8:30 as I'm heading out the door.  The nights have started to get dark early (sigh...that means fall and then winter...yuck).  I digress....as I started out running....it was a great night with a light mist in the air that felt fantastic as I ran.  I stuck to the roads and sidewalks that provided some light.  I have to say....I don't feel comfortable running in the dark...yet!   It didn't help that the mist fogged my glasses and I had to put them on top of my head.  Then my nightmare happened...I'm running along...and I can sense a car slowing beside me...and not just a car...but a big crew cab truck.  Then came the "excuse me....can you help me?  I took a wrong turn."  Eeek.....how fast can I run if he opens that door???  I quickly gave directions and then turned around and ran even faster!!!  I have to admit it is going to take some getting used to...knowing where all the dips in the road are and being sure of my footing.  I'm sure once I've run in the dark a few times it will become more comfortable.

My app continues to make me smile...
Kara Goucher made a comment about this run.  :)
Remember my plank a day challenge for September?  Well....I was trying to hold the plank as long as I could every day and my times were decreasing...then Heather sent me the schedule below.  Duh....I need to crawl before I walk before I run.
This isn't quite the one Heather sent...but you get the idea!
In other news.....look what I came back to work to......
One of the gals on my team has had amazing success at her first garden!  Anyone have any great zucchini recipes they would like to share?  Next week she is harvesting tomatoes!!!

You'll be happy to know that Day #1 of healthy eating at work was a success. 
  • Started the day with Granola Shreddies with blueberries (5:30am)
  • Next Activa yogurt (8am)
  • Then I had the snack below....it was yummy and super filling. (10am)
Healthy snack apples, pb, raisins, and oats. Not only tasty, but aesthetically pleasing :) ha
  • Then I had my chicken salad wrap for lunch (1230pm)
  • and finally grapes as my afternoon snack. (2pm)
I call that success....what shall I have for Day #2????
Does anyone else hate running in the dark???


  1. You should get a reflective vest. Then we can be matching glowing twins......lol.

    Great job on the healthy eating! I've made a chicken pesto wrap for tomorrow's lunch. :)

    1. Maybe that's what I'll use my GC for....gotta get used to it with darker nights upon us.

  2. On relays, I love doing the night runs. But, there are usually more people around. Before I moved in with my now husband, I would always text a running buddy (as they understand my paranoia) when I was leaving and when I returned. I would also always leave a map of my route up on my computer in my apartment (usually on gmap-pedometer). Don't give up! Try using a headlamp.

    1. That's a great idea Rachel as I do live alone...and really should let someone know!! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi as well!

  3. I have ran in the dark, I don't like it though. I always feel like the "boogyman" is chasing me lol! Evening running and getting home just after sunset is my favorite time though.
    The apple snack looks so yummy, I am going to give it a try! I marinate sliced zuke in olive oil, garlic, Italian seasoning and balsamic vinegar than either grill in on the bbq or lightly brown it on either side on the stove (until soft). Also you can add a few other veggies and have it over rice or pasta. So yummy! :-)

  4. I'm glad you turned and ran the other direction. Good idea. I would have been really freaked out! It happens to me a lot here, actually, with tourists asking where to find something-or-other, but I've never run in the dark!