Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cobequid 5k Trail Run Review

Before I go into the review of the run...let me tell you what I do the night before a race.

1.  I eat a Tim Horton's Donut - don't judge
2.  I lay out flat Courteney

3.  I eat a chicken pasta dinner with a light olive oil dressing
4.  I paint my nails a fun color.
Last night I did not eat my chicken fact...I didn't fuel properly at all last bad.  I didn't sleep well either so getting up at 6:20am was tough!  I was scheduled to pick Jillian up at 7:10am...I was on my way to get her when I looked at my wrist and realized I had forgotten my garmin...NOOOOOOO...turn around and back I went.

Jillian and I before the race
We lined up at the start for 9:00am...I moved closer to the front so I wouldn't get caught in the bottleneck that happens on the trail.  There were some FAST people at this race! 

Found this on some random person's facebook post
I knew as I was running that I was going out too fast....way too fast...but I couldn't slow myself my first 3km looked like this:  5:10; 5:02; 5:07....and then it caught up with me and it was a mental game for the last 2km.  You know the story..."Oh I want to't's only 2km....but my lungs hurt....just slow it's only 1 mile...then 1 kilometer."  Then you see the finish line!
The time on the clock is for the half
And as you cross, you push stop on your garmin!

Gotta love a perfectly measured course!
I then waited for Jillian to cross.  She was doing her first 10k in over 5 years.  I walked back out to meet her...and cheer in other runners. They always say...If you want to be inspired, stand at a finish line....they sure are correct!!!  Jill came in strong...running a 6 minute kilometer the last proud!!!  My final stats looked like this.....
Not a PB, but I am happy with it given the lack of running that I've been doing.
The 5k course is entirely on a flat crusher dust trail.  Well organized with a medal, tshirt, and breakfast, I highly recommend this run to anyone...beginners to well seasoned runners.  The last time I ran this race, it was a hot morning.  Today was was actually chilly at the start and at points I actually saw my breath as I ran...perfect running weather!!!

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