Sunday, 1 May 2016

Run Our Shore 2016 Review

The Run Our Shore race is hosted in a small community called Liverpool and was the first race on this years Run Nova Scotia series.  The race has a 5k, 10.2k, and half marathon race.  The night before I drove to my mom's place...about 30 minutes from Liverpool so I wouldn't have to get up quite as early.  Of course she spoiled me by having a great pasta and chicken dinner ready when I arrived.

Every time I am driving to Liverpool I pass a sign that says:
It's such a thing...I swear
I giggle every time!  I arrived around 7:45 and quickly went to pick up my race kit.  I have to say, it's one of the smoothest run kit pickups that I go too.  It's also nice as you can stay inside at the Emera center until race time if you choose.  It was chilly yesterday morning...around 3 degrees Celsius...or 36 Fahrenheit for my American friends.

As 9am neared, I could tell the sun was warming up and I opted out of wearing my light jacket....good decision it turns out!

In our race kits, I found this little package of gummies...yes it says for children...but I took them both anyways.
They didn't taste the greatest but
maybe it was the little boost I needed
At 9am, the 10km runners were called to the starting line and sent on their way.  The first 2km are mostly flat with a few rolling mole hills...then at 2-2.5, you are on a downward slide.
Crazy grin!
By the 3km mark, you run along the waters edge...very nice scenery.  Then you hit 4-6km where you tackle incline after incline. Don't get me wrong...we aren't talking about Mt.Everest inclines but the stretch between 5 & 6km is a steady incline that just sucks the wind out of you.  I had to keep telling myself that what goes up, must come down!  And down we went from 7-7.5km.   It doesn't seem fair that we climb for over a kilometer, and then have it all over in a steep downgrade in half the time.  LOL

At this point we have to climb back up the hill that we came down at 2.5km...and also the point that I walked for about 30 seconds.  As I walked, 2 women passed me that I had been ahead of all race...and that is when I said to myself "Oh hell no"...sorry ladies.  I picked it up and passed them again shortly after...running a 5:12 and 5:14 the last 2 kilometers.  I finished in 54.51 (I stopped my watch at 10k exactly) with a personal best and a 3rd place finish in my age category! 
Crossing the finish line
The bling
I was on the schedule to chat with the runners at the reception so headed there to get ready.  The crowd thought they were going to get some inspirational thoughts...but nope...I had other plans.  As runners we suck at stretching after a run...and specifically after a race.  We find our cars, we drive home and we sit.  I therefore had everyone stand up and stretch it out.....the moans and groans that came from the crowd only drove my point home even more!!
Noel Paine (blogger and runner) and Steve Burns (race director)
Every year I tell myself I'm not going to run this 10k because of that dreaded 5-6km stretch...and yet every year, I PB at it! 

  • This year, the race director added Tim Chestnut to the venue for taking pictures...and I have to say it was an added perk.  As a blogger, I love having pictures I can post to enhance my blog!! 
  • Plenty of water stops (at least along the 10km route)
  • Excellent after race refuel (apples, bananas, chocolate milk, water, apple sauce, yogurt, granola bars, cheese/crackers)
  • Great sponsorship and community support
  • A medal and a tank...usually smaller races only have one or the other
  • There isn't really any fan support along the route so mentally it's all up to you.
  • The reception gets a bit long with give-aways but I think the director is looking at changing that for future races. 
  • The roads aren't closed so you need to be weary of crossing the road at the start and finish (not really a con...but definitely something to be aware of)
Overall I think this is a great race if you are looking for a little bit of a challenge. It's early in the season and a great kick off to racing!!  Congrats to the race director, volunteers, and everyone else who had a part in making it a success!


  1. I'd love to go to that outhouse museum!! How funny!!

    Great race, Courteney!! And congrats on your AG award!!

  2. Fantastic job on your new PB!!!!!

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  4. This sounds really excellent for being one of the smaller races. It's nice that they have a photographer, and it's always nice to hear of smaller runs having good community support. From the little that I've seen, the shoreline scenery looks beautiful - it's always such a pleasure to run in beautiful places.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness