Thursday, 28 April 2016

Cuteness Overload

Warning.....if you don't want to be saying 'Awwwwww' this entire post....stop reading right now!

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit...I've been busy with this little gal....
Please meet Zoe (she is walking on my keyboard as I type this).
I have not had a kitten in over 10 years and forgot how active they are. She runs around everywhere and then crashes...and repeats multiple times during a day.  I was not sure how my other pets would take her addition but they are slowly all settling in nicely.

We had her first vet visit where she weighed 1.98lbs and got her first deworming and booster shots.  It just so happens that there was a girls sparks group there and Zoe got to be a demonstration kitty.
Zoe has discovered the not only are adults and children turning to technology...but so is my kitty!
An aquarium is keeping her entertained here.  When she decides to
play at midnight, this is the only way I can get her to settle down

I love the little patch on her chest
And not to be left out, Indy poses here for a pic as well.
He's really not sure what to think of this little thing running around.
This is what I'm dealing with as I try to write this post,
and every time I am on the computer.
So there you have it....a major overload of cuteness that is keeping me from posting about anything exercise or running related!