Sunday, 4 May 2014

It's a Shore Thing Race Recap

Happy Sunday.

Yesterday I ran in my 2nd ever 10km race.  This was a small town race just outside my home town which I signed up for back in January.  When I signed up, I knew I had the option of dropping to the 5k if my IT Band was not up for the challenge.

I've been working my glutes consistently and have not had any pain in recent months.  With this knowledge, I chose to stick with the 10k.  52 total participants of the 10km.  Like I said in a previous post, the description was challenging inclines.  I am here to tell you they weren't inclines (this sounds like little ant hills)....NOPE....these were HILLS!  And not just hills....but the windy kind so you can't really see the top until you go around the last corner.  At kilometer #6, I actually swore out loud...yes I said "You've got to f&^king be kidding" as I looked up and saw another long hill.  I know what you're thinking....well if you go have to come down. are right...thankfully.  However, a steep hill at km #8 is just not fair when I came down said hill at km #2.
On top of the hills, my ITB pain reared it's ugly head at kilometer #4.  All the negative thoughts started to enter my head....I'm going to have to turn around....I'm not going to finish....I'd done running for the season....why me!  So I stopped...yes....I stopped...I tightened the band around my knee, looked up and kept going.  I fought through the pain, I walked up a couple hills to rest the stress on the IT but I kept going.  And you know what?  At kilometer #7, the pain eased up to the point that I was able to push my pace a bit.

The course was longer than 10km...which as a runner bugs me a bit as I wanted an exact 10km time...I did look down at my garmin at 10km and saw a time of 58.00 minutes...yes...a PB for me!!

The reception was fantastic....ample types of food, a massage, enough door prizes that I think almost everyone one something.  LOL.  I won a!!!

This was a fantastic race.  There were great views, awesome volunteers, and a fantastic reception.  Despite the hills, I look forward to running this again next year.  The race director said he might change the snake hill...I said...don't do it....anyone can run flat...challenge us!

Today I can barely walk....and I'm hoping the PB wasn't worth injuring myself for the rest of the season.  Will be doing glue work, rolling, and icing for the rest of my day!!!

If you live in Nova Scotia....I do suggest adding this race to your calendar for next year!!!


  1. Oh dear I do hope your IT band recovers quickly too! Thinking of the hills you wrote of made me groan out loud! Congrats on the new PR!

  2. Congrats on a great race! A PR with all those hills is a huge accomplishment!

  3. Great Job! Sounds like a fun race:D