Monday, 23 May 2016

2016 Bluenose 10k Recap

This weekend saw the first big racing event in Nova Scotia....the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon Weekend.  This event offers a kids run and a 5k on Saturday, with the 10k, half, and full marathon going on Sunday.  Here in Nova Scotia, Monday is a holiday so it's a great day to relax and rest those tired legs!

Last Saturday I came down with a H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E head cold.  I thought it was just allergies at first, but stayed....and stayed...and is still staying.  All week I felt miserable....I did running...and barely any working.  I contemplated deferring my registration to next year....I thought about dropping down to the 5k....but in the end I did neither.  I decided to simply do what I could during the 10k and finish. 

The kids run saw 4,200 children toe the line...the largest youth run in the country....the freakin' country!!!  It was 25 degrees and sunny for the 5k...that's a hot one!  The weather for Sunday was cloudy and 13 degrees....perfect running weather!!!  This year was a new route for the 10k...basically the second part of the half marathon...that being said it meant the first 3k were all downhill...the last 5km were up hill...yup....the last 5km. 

I told Sam (the 55 minute pace bunny) that I was going to try and keep her in my sights but I wasn't sure how that would go.  I decided to take advantage of the first 3km and gain some time...My first kilometer was 4:59!!  I saw my friend Jillian cheering me on along the route....
Jillian calls me a war ship..."Super Strong Wonder Woman"
It really does help to know someone is cheering for you!
 Then we hit Point Pleasant Park...and this became the first place I walked.  Point Pleasant is hills....a steady long one...and then a quick steep one.  I chose to walk lungs just couldn't handle it.  I was also having blister issues with my feet again...I need to figure out the right combination of socks and shoes as I increase my distance for the half.

This pic is taken while running through the park
I saw Jillian at about 1.5km which means I knew I'd see her around 7km and knowing that kept me going.  From the point I saw about the 8.5km's a steady incline....and it sucks everything out of you.  I'd walk for 30 seconds...then run...then walk...then this point I just wanted it over with.  I saw a few people that I knew and gave them an encouraging 'You've got this!' as we all struggled with that incline.  At the 9km take a turn and it's downhill and you can let gravity do the work.  There was a wicked cheer station about 0.5km from the could hear them long before you saw them and it made me smile!!!!This sign popped up a couple of times yesterday.....and to be honest....I think I would have rather been doing burpees yesterday than running that darn race.
The finish line of this race has got to be one of the is an uphill climb that last 0.5km...not a steep one...just a never ending can see the finish line....the street is lined with people cheering...and it just feels like forever.  The result?  A picture that looks like death!!!
I have never been so happy to be done!
End result? My garmin says 58.32, the website says 59.21
From here, I grabbed my medal and quickly made my way back to the car.  When you go to a race by yourself, grabbing an 'after-race selfie' can be tough.  I opened my car and leaned my phone on the door to grab this pic.
I jumped in the car and headed home.  As I was driving...I smelt dog poop....I look down and my sneaker is loaded....someone must have not 'scooped' where I took my selfie....jeepers!!!  Not only was I a hot, coughing my shoe and car stank!!!!
My overall thoughts?  I'm never racing sick's just not worth it.  I know I was friends know I was sick...but that time on the internet....others don't know I was sick.  And yes...I know they don't matter...but that time is there  In terms of the route....I think I'd rather go back to the old route.  Yes....going over our bridge twice is difficult...but at least the ups and downs are spread throughout the isn't all down...and then all up.  The support along the route is incredible...I mean...the race actually had support runners at the bottom of the hills in the park to help run you encourage you when all you wanted to do was incredible.  There were great water stops...lots of drums and cheering and signs!  I'll do this run each year just to be part of the experience!!!


  1. Running sick sucks! In 2012 I ran the Moncton marathon sick and I coughed the entire time. :( My doctor actually got mad at Great job toughing it out!

  2. I seriously love that you shared that finishing picture! You do look like you're in some pain. Way to power through your cold and get out there!! You definitely earned that finish!