Wednesday, 20 April 2016

MEC - Storm the Citadel 5k Race Recap

There is always a first time for everything....but I'll get back to that.

Sunday was my first 5k race of the season...Storm the Citadel 5k.  The Citadel is a landmark here in Halifax...I've run this race well as the Lucky 7 Relay at this site.

Susan picked me up at 8:40am (well...8:44 with Susan's time...hehe).  We headed downtown to the race.  The Citadel sits on top of a hill as it was a lookout for the city during war-times. 

It was a chilly morning and Susan and I both dressed in layers!!
At 9:30 we lined up and waited for the gun shot....yes...that's old fashioned gun shot started our race.  The first 50 meters were on packed crusher dust, then we walked through a goblestone tunnel (there was a backup due to the narrowness) and onto the paved driveway.  I settled into an easy pace for the first kilometer as we all know that no matter what...that one sucks!  As I rounded the top of the citadel, I tripped but was able to catch myself.  I have never tripped in all my runs...but I did..and just shook my head and kept running.  By now, I was at about 1.75k and caught up with one of my #FITFAM who asked me what pace we were doing...and that's when it happened.  I tripped hard this time...and couldn't catch myself...down I went!  There was a chorus of 'ohhhhhhhh' around me (people were running in both directions past me).  It didn't take me more than a milisecond to jump right back up and say "I'm okay".  Even if I wasn't...I'd be damned if I was stopping at that point.
Up the hills, and around the outside of the citadel on pavement before making our way inside. Here we proceeded to run about 0.75km on a grassy moat area, through goblestone doorways and darkened pathways and up concrete stairs to the top of the citadel.
By this point, I had tripped a 3rd time
(with no fall), and had slowed my pace
just to finish
Yes...we had to run/walk up those concrete stairs
Now it was time to weave in between canyons, rifles and gravel pathways for the last 0.75km.  By this point, I could tell that my knee was bleeding from the fall (although my tights had not ripped) and all I wanted to do was go home.  You know when something is going to be bad but you have to look anyways....
You know this stung as I cleaned it up.
Despite my fall and slowing my pace, as well as the crazy route conditions, I managed 28.59 final time with a pace of 5.48/kilometer.  I am still shaking my head as to why I tripped...I just don't get it.

Was it a good race?  Would I recommend it?  If you are trying to get a PB for a 5 or 10k...then...nope...this is not the race for you.  There are too many places that can get bottle-necked, too many dark tunnels and uneven ground, not to mention that strollers were allowed despite the narrow conditions.  If you want a run, just to do for fun...then yes...this is a great race for you.  It is chip timed and really cheap at only $15 for the 5k.  There was also water, apples, and bananas available to the runners after the they finished.

So now I need to get back out and do another run to get rid of the fear of falling again.  That will happen tonight...I'll keep you posted!!!  Thanks for stopping in to read about my adventurous 5k run!


  1. Way to rally and finish after that fall!! Sometimes when I get tired on a run, I scuff my toes and I KNOW someday I'm going to fall flat on my face. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt!

  2. OUCh!! I've never fallen when running like that, just ice and snow which I think is equally embarrassing! LOL. Way to kick it to the finish!!