Friday, 15 April 2016

Spray Tanning...not the 90's anymore

Do you remember the friends episode where Ross decided to get a spray tan?

This is what I was thinking of as I booked my first ever spray tan.  You see, I have a fitness photo shoot coming up this weekend and I wanted to get rid of the stark white ghost look that my body currently held.

I asked around and heard about Elite Sports Tan that all the body builders, fitness, and bikini competitors use for local competitions.  Last night was my appointment.  I exfoliated as their website suggested, wore loose clothing, no deodorant, etc. 

I stepped into the pop up changing room, undressed, and was all set to go.  Do you need to completely undress? can undress to whatever level you are comfortable with. 
The spray itself is like a light shower and slightly cold.  First my front, then my back, sides, and face.  The whole procedure took about 10 minutes total...not long at all.  Then you stand and dry for about 5-10 minutes.  Do you remember how self tanner used to stink?  It's not like that any more either. 
The spray machine
As I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how dark I looked...but also that the color hid so many of my imperfections.  I actually had a quad muscle 'appear' that I had never seen before.
Can you see it??
Last night I slept in loose clothing to protect my bedding and today I was instructed to shower as usual and it would wash off the excess color, leaving me with a nice golden color.  It's true.  I catch myself in the mirror every now and then and have to look twice.  I think we all feel a little better when we have a bit of color to our skin.  I may go back and get it done again in a couple weeks as it's so easy and so much better than getting the DIY version.
Elite Sports Tan was so professional and so relaxing!  If you are searching for a way to add color, I highly suggest getting a spray tan...I know my white legs are thanking me today!

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  1. I sometimes do self tanner at home but it irritates my skin if I do it too often. I do like how it makes my muscles look stronger and camouflages my bumps and bruises!