Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bootcamp Workout Ideas

I's been a long time since I posted.  I've been crazy busy...I usually have a morning and evening class to teach as well as work my day job.  As many school teachers out there know...teaching doesn't stop at school...and that goes for fitness too.  There are lesson plans to make for each class and the members like 'new' moves and combinations.  For example, if I work on a Saturday, I have to prepare 3 different classes.  Here are some of the classes that I've pulled together lately (in case you don't follow me on instagram).


In addition, I found a couple hours to fit in a photo shoot session.  I've worked hard over the last couple of months and I wanted some pictures to remind me of my accomplishments.  I also want to continue to workout and would like to compare these with some in a couple of months.  The first session was held at the gym and was a lot of fun!  Here is the photographer getting set up:

Paul is a member at the gym and following one of his
many passions of photography
And here are some of the final product!



There is another session this weekend that will be against a white backdrop and I can't wait to see how those come out.  Now I have to decide which ones to frame!!!  Paul is super professional (which is really hard to do with me)...check out his website at to see his range of expertise!

So that is what I've been up to.  There has been barely any running of late....and I need to start putting that back in my calendar.  I realized today, as I marked my first race of 2015 in my calendar, that I will be running as a 'master' next year.  Not sure how that happened...but there you have it...I move up a running category! LOL

Hope you have a great weekend...I am off to lesson plan as I am teaching this Saturday and have an offsite training session tomorrow night!  2 Weeks until Christmas!  YAHOO!


  1. Moving up an age category is exciting because it changes the competition!

    You've been SO busy...I'm soo glad your personal training etc is paying off!

    1. Thanks Ali....I have no idea how I will be 40 in January...but I might as well embrace it and see what 'masters' numbers I can come up with.

  2. Super super cool pics! You look fantastic! I love that you had those taken! Can't wait to see the next set :)

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  4. Fantastic! You look great and I like your workout ideas also. This type of boot camp is beginning this June in Kazbegi. And I am going there for this wonderful experience.