Sunday, 6 December 2015

Starting Over vs I'll Do Better

I've been struggling of get in my eat just get it all together.  As I fitness instruction/personal trainer, it makes me feel like a fake....I'm leading others and I can't even follow my own advice!  I keep saying as soon as I get laid off (2 weeks), I'll have lots of time to get back on the start over!  Starting over depresses me....I think back a year ago to my photo shoot and how I looked....grrrrrr...why did I let it all go??

And then I thought a bit more about it.  And I came up with a couple of things:
  • I think I burnt myself out - I was working multiple jobs and juggling training with it
  • I started a new fulltime job - trying to figure out a new schedule and then having food (and not that healthy) at my fingertips was too easy some days
  • I didn't really have any goals that I was training for.  Yes...I had the half marathon in October...but that was more running training than anything else.
Then I heard a podcast from Fit2Fat2Fit, and I started to rethink things.  The message was...Don't tell yourself you are starting over...that's a negative message to send yourself...instead...tell yourself you will do better!  And I don't need to wait until I'm laid off to start doing better.  This weekend I decided to start doing better and went to 2 bootcamp classes.  It was great to see some of my fit family again and to not give up just because I was being pushed a little bit.
I find when I start working out again that my food options seem to fall into know that whole thing about fueling your body properly!  It's kind of a vicious circle. 

I know...I's the holidays and there will be tons of food that will tempt me...and that I might indulge in...but my direction is do better!  I'm making it a goal to get at least 20 minutes of exercise in 6 days per week....that's my goal....but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't hit it. 

So there you have it....I'm not starting over....I'm simply going to do better on my health and wellness journey!!!


  1. Starting over is HARD. I like the idea of reframing that into "doing better". I guess there's a benefit to having a fresh start, but that's different from totally starting from scratch!

    I know you can get back on track and do better!

  2. Hey I'm just seeing this post! You still look amazing don't be fooled by your own perception of yourself, I fall into that trap too. Lately I've been doing my workouts either immediately after school or early in the morning on the weekend so I can't put it off/omit it all together. It's helping me out with staying on track.

  3. Good way to look at things. (Great back muscles by the way).