Saturday, 21 November 2015

You are NEVER too old.....for a Trampoline!!!!

Today I visited a new 'park' in the city.  It's called GET AIR....and you can check out their website here:


Let me walk you through.....I picked Erin and her son up around 9:15am...her son had no idea where we were going!!  We drove over and pulled into the parking lot....I got her son to read the sign and he was super excited!!!!

You do not have to reserve a just show up, pay, and jump!  It was $20 for one hour and then you had to buy grip socks for $3.
The place has multiple areas to jump.  There is a small area for children under 46" and the cost is $10 per hour for those children.  I wish I had taken a photo of each play spot.
There are obstacle course areas, a dodge ball area, foam pits, and basketball play areas.  There are massage chairs placed around the play area's so that parents can sit and watch their children play.
We all had a blast.  There were times that Erin and I were like "oh wait....where is MacKenzie?"  LOL 
Here is Erin going through one of the obstacle courses
Then I tried to do the obstacle course....
I'm actually saying....HOLY CRAP!!
We kept rotating between different spots...I think the foam pit and the long tumbling trampolines were the best!!
When we first arrived, it was pretty calm...but by 11am, there was definitely a line up at the door and the place was pretty full.  The place is open until Midnight on Saturday so I would probably go in the night next time.  Again....I had a blast....and got a good workout in...without even trying.  I do know my abs are going to be sore tomorrow....throwing backhandsprings after 10 years or more will definitely do that to you!!!!

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