Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Having Fun at Forty!!!

I've decided that this year, I'm going to have a fun year of racing and knock some things off my bucket list.  Last year I hit a bunch of PR's and ran my first 1/2 marathon...pushing me to lots of training.  This year I'm focusing on go back to why I started running and working out in the beginning!  I love not being stuck to a run least 3 runs per week at a designated pace or distance! 

As you know, I've already signed up for the Spartan Race on June 6th.  With this, comes reading as much as I can about OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)!
Gotta love the library!!
I've been fitting in 3-4 workouts per week at the gym and trying to get at least 2 runs in...not necessarily about pace...but just being consistent!  Today I hit the gym twice as I was a slacker yesterday (the Bachelor final won out over running...poor excuse...I know). 
Pistol squat on the TRX
After two workouts, replenishing my calories is very for a fast and easy solution...I head to my nutri-bullet!
Here I have mixed berries + banana + chia seeds + spinach +
almond milk + orange juice = YUMMY of the runs I've been wanting to do for a few years...but always fearful of getting injured during the running the NOT SINCE MOSES.  Here is a description from the registration site.

"Once or twice each summer on a weekend, the sea parts in the Minas Basin of Nova Scotia, dropping in six hours from 15 meters to nearly zero. When that happens, we start running. The 5K course loops out and back from Sand Point in Five Islands while the 10K course starts at Solely Cove and finishes with the 5k at Sand Point. Both runs have spectacular scenery!"

I will be running on the ocean floor...and yes that means that time is not a factor...but fun totally is.  Running in wet sand/mook and through ponds of sea water. I cannot wait.

The other run that I think I'm going to do is the Mud Run...some friends from the gym are doing it and I think it will be fun...not as much pressure as the Spartan Race...but still a challenge!!

I'm not crossing off road races...there are still a few that I'll do because I love the atmosphere...but I'm not pushing for any PR's this year...just going out and having fun!!!  FUN AT FORTY!!!!

Now mother nature needs to cooperate and send spring our way....I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING MOTHER NATURE!!!

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  1. I'm glad you're experimenting with your fitness and trying new things! I think the Not Since Moses sounds crazy fun!