Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Creating Focus

It's that time of year....most of you know it...well unless you live in a warm climate....the winter blahs have hit!  Every morning that I wake up and mother nature has surrounded us with her wonderful white stuff...I grow madder!  Monday morning, I attempted to drive to a clients...30 minutes in traffic and I turned around. looks pretty...
But what you are seeing is over 3 feet in my back yard alone...that's with no shovelling...will it EVER be spring?  Will I ever see green grass again?  This is the time of year that I really need to create focus for myself and think towards June (cause I think we'll still have snow in May)!  It's so easy to fall into the 'blah' trap, to start eating unhealthy, to lose momentum as the skies remain grey!  But I can't...I have to force myself to grab any little bit of hope I have....any ray of sunshine!!!

I grab onto the exciting things that are coming up.  This week I met with Efficiency Nova Scotia and will be doing a 'Learn to Run' program with them 2 days per week leading to the Police Chase race.  Next, CBC announced that I would be their trainer for Team CBC leading to the Bluenose Marathon...both of these are 8 week training programs and I love seeing people get excited for running!!
Of course I also have to fit my training in around all of this so days like today...where once again the weather sucked and the traffic was a mangled mess...I hit the CGC for 5k (4.5k on the track and then 5 100m sprints) before heading to work.
This was a tough run...I couldn't get my breathing
right and it just felt like a hard effort!
As I was doing the sprints, a walker passed me and said "I totally had you pegged as a sprinter." I laughed to myself...oh least I looked the part. Fist pump to me. Hehe

So onward I go...pushing through the mounds of snow...literally...hoping that with the time change this weekend (yay) and longer days...the sun will warm, the snow/ice will melt...and I'll be back on track.

For those fighting through this years do you stay focused?

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  1. Congrats! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Yes I've had enough of winter too. Snow begone!

    1. Do you think we'll ever see grass again??

  2. What a great run! I have trouble staying focused on things for a long amount of time...I have to change it up or always have a race in mind or else I slack off!

    1. I felt lost after my 1/2 because I didn't have another goal. Races sure give us something to shoot for.