Saturday, 21 March 2015

By the Numbers & A Little Reminder

It's S-P-R-I-N-G!!!  Can someone tell Mother Nature???

Unfortunately this is how we all feel in the Maritimes

In the last week, we have received over 3 feet of snow.  The snow banks alone are about 15ft high and make shovelling near impossible!  The good news is that the days are now getting longer (a little over 12 hours of daylight now) and the sun is getting warmer.  We should see grass by May.

This is a panoramic shot of my back yard...that is a 4ft fence.  This
shot was taken early in the morning...we another 5-6 inches after this.
If you are a regular reader, you know that I've switched up my focus of training over the last few months...I'm not as focused on a strict running regimen, and am more focused on a combination of strength training and running together.  I like seeing the changes that are happening but am starting to realize that it is taking more effort to run at my same pace.  Over the last 6 months, I have gained 8lbs but have decreased my body fat by 3.5%...this means that 8lbs is an increase in muscle mass.  Sounds good, except when I'm trying to run at my old pace.  Even 8lbs makes a difference in terms of endurance and means I need to make some adjustments!

This is how I felt when I see an 8lb weight gain.  Even as a trainer, it is hard
to remember the facts when that scale shows the results!
I've also learned another thing in the last couple of months.  No matter how much thought I've put into my lesson plans for my weekly fitness classes, if there are over 15 people in the class, those plans tend to get thrown out the window!  As an instructor, you need to be able to think fast on your feet.  Today I had 3 unique lesson plans created for the classes, and then 23 people showed up for the first class and 27 for the second.  When I first started, this situation would have freaked me out having to change things on the spot. (my OCD might contribute to  Today I was able to think on my feet and adjust my lesson plans to give all participants a good workout!

I often leave with little to no voice, talking above the music and members
wears me out.
I hear the classes will get bigger as summer nears as the gym offers a really sweet deal....better get my thinking cap on.  I have to say that working at the gym and giving these classes really isn't's so exciting to watch people push themselves each day I am there!!!


  1. Oh those little owls are adorable!!!

    I recently weighed myself at my parents' house after months of believing I'd gained 7 lbs according to the doctor and my health screening. My parents' scale shows me as being my exact usual weight! I don't have a scale at home so it was nice to finally have proof that I haven't gained weight suddenly!

  2. Ugh, I hate scales for that very reason.....I don't own one, but there's one in the locker room at the gym that I sporadically hop onto. The annoying thing is that when I train hard, I'm heavier and when I'm sick or taking time off, I'm really though!