Sunday, 4 January 2015

Snowday Workout & A Protein Bar Recipe

Today is our first official winter storm here in NS.  We were only supposed to get about 2cm of snow before it changed to rain.  That didn't happen!  I woke up to over 10cm on my back deck, and over 30 cm at the end of my driveway!  Boo!!!  I personally think once Christmas is over, so should the white stuff!

Anyways...what do you do on a snow day?  Well I made a new-to-me protein bar recipe.

And then I made up an at-home workout to make sure that I earned my stickers today!!

That gives me 2 workout stickers for today as you can bet your butt I am counting shovelling the snow as a workout!

Tomorrow is back to regular routine and I must say I'm looking forward to knowing what day it is and what to expect.  LOL

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  T minus 27 days and I'm 40!!!  And yes...I will be reminding readers constantly! 


  1. Shoveling alone would have given you at least 3 stickers...that stuff was HEAVY! Those bars look delish. :D

  2. Can I use this even if I have no snow? ;)