Friday, 9 January 2015

Progress NOT Perfection

I don't know how many times I've said it to myself and to others....It's all about progress...not perfection.  Small steps each day will get you to your goal...I guarantee it...just don't give up!

So how is my progress going with my 'sticker' campaign??

I'm making progress...I have yet to earn a running sticker...but I continue to earn my fitness and IT band stickers.

Saturday - Fitness Star earned for Mish Mash class and Smile earned for IT Band exercises
Sunday - 2 Fitness Stars earned for snow removal and my snowday workout!
Monday - Fitness Star and smile for IT Band
Tues/Wed - no stickers, AKA rest days
Thurs - The Bachelor workout.  A friend and I watched the bachelor and decided to make a workout out of it.  Situps when they said Chris was good looking, pushups when someone cried, Squats when someone said they were sooooo glad he was the bachelor.  We multiplied each time by 10.  End result??  40 situps, 40 pushups, and 70 squats!!!  The cries got us when he let people go...LOL
Frid - Star earned for Tabata workout, and smile for IT band.
Tomorrow is the Optimize show....and a year from when I met all my connections in the running community.  I am working at the Sole Sisters booth and you know I'll be chatting to every one I can.  I love this show as everyone is so positive and there are so many informative workshops!  Hope to see some of you there!!

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  1. I always have to remember that NO ONE reaches perfection. It's all about progress!