Friday, 2 January 2015

K.I.S.S - Sometimes Simple really is the Best

Happy New Year to all RG readers!

My new years eve consisted of me going to bed at 7:45 with a migraine...then having to wake up every hour as fireworks were shot off.  Indy HATES fireworks and freaks out B-I-G time and needs constant petting and holding.
Yesterday I spent some time trying to decide on goals for 2015. In 2014, I accomplished a lot in terms of reaching PB's and crossing the finish line in a half marathon and a sprint where does a gal go from there??  I have no idea!  What I do know is that I need to become more diligent in my day to day staying healthy and fit! (especially after the last two weeks of garbage)!

I'm flirting with a few ideas of actual goals but don't want to put anything 'out there' just yet!! :-) 29 days, I become a 'master' category runner...I think I can make new PB's with each age category!!

So step #1 was to figure out how to motivate myself!  I thought back to did I stay motivated?  And yes...I may have been called a teachers pet more than once...but I came up with an answer...STICKERS!  Yup...that's right...I'm going old school and keeping it simple...I bought stickers to put in my agenda book (again...the old school paper kind).
  • A smiley face means I've completed my IT Band exercises
  • A star means that I've completed some type of workout
  • A word sticker means that I've completed a run/bike/ or swim
How many can I collect in a week?
Next step in getting back in shape was to attend a bootcamp class at 360Fit.  We all know what January means in the gym right?  Yes....more people!  And yes...there were over 20 people in class today but none of them were new...they were just all on vacation from work.  LOL.  As an could have a great lesson plan ready...but with that many's thrown out the window!  Pete was quick on his feet and had us sweating in no time.  And you know what?  He kept it old school...situps, pushups, highknees on the ladders, wall sits, sprints, squat jumps, and burpees.  Nothing fancy...but just the right combination to push all the muscle groups, including cardio, to exhaustion!  With all the fancy gadgets and equipment, sometimes it's easy to forget that old school can be just as effective!  Thanks for the reminder Pete!

Anyone have any 2015 goals that they'd like to share with me?  I promise to help keep you accountable!

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  1. I have a new calendar to track workouts too. I'm using shorthand but I love the sticker idea!