Thursday, 9 October 2014

What have I been up to?

It's been almost two week since I've blogged...or really read other blogs...I feel so guilty!!  What have I been up to you ask?  Well lets look through the phone to catch up:

I did a slow 6k last weekend.  I've been really cutting back
on my running in anticipation of the 1/2 this weekend.

Work has been crazy busy.  This messy desk makes my OCD go crazy.
But I do love the people and that makes it so much beter!

Indy got clipped yesterday, and so he came
to work with me.  I love working at a place that
loves dogs!

I do find time to enjoy a cup of tea each day!  Enjoying
the simple things in life!! (instgram pic)
And today I was honored to be named an Ambassador with the Bucket List Life organization.  This organization looks to help people live their lives through their passions and help them check off bucket list items.  The organization is looking for 50-75 people around the world to become ambassadors to help them accomplish this mission.  If you think you might be interested, check out their web site at and check out the tab ADVENTURES!  I can't wait until my pic and profile are listed and I get to partake in the monthly calls that pull all the ambassadors together.  Just last week, a group of members got to learn how to wrestle alligators for free...I!  I can't wait to see how this organization grows and affects others in such a positive manner.  The founder and I were chatting today and his energy was jumping through the phone from Colorado!!

Wish me luck this weekend....I've got my first half!!  I've picked out my outfit (realizing I have a sock addiction), and I have my music all ready.
Pro Compression said to wear one of each. LOL
And remember, being able to follow your passion and enjoy the simple things makes life so much fun!!  Wear a smile every day, tell someone they are doing a great job and just watch how it affects someone else's attitude!  So easy...but such a HUGE impact!!


  1. I have the same compression obsession lol!! The colors are all so fun!!

    That mug is super cute!

  2. Love the Trader Joe's mug!!! I took a photo of all my long marathon socks too the other day to show Marg because she might borrow a pair for the run She called it online shopping! LOL. You will be running your first half in 24 hours!!!!!!!