Sunday, 12 October 2014

My First Half Marathon Recap

It's in the books, it's on the internet, it's done!  Cross 'complete half marathon' off my bucket list.

My day started off nice and early....
J arrived and we left around 6:10 to pick up Sam and Katie.  Sam was running her 2nd marathon and Katie was coming to cheer us all on!!  We arrived in the beautiful Wolfville, NS at 7:20, gathered our race kits and did the necessary bathroom visits.  It was a chilly start at 7 degrees Celsius and I debated wearing a throw away shirt.  As we lined up, the sun was shining and I decided to leave it with J at the start line.  Good decision...except my fingers were freezing as I forgot my gloves!  The course winds through the beautiful Annapolis valley with views like this all along the way:

As I ran, I noticed that my Garmin didn't match any of the kilometer signs...up to 500m off.  I had my IT band on my right leg at the start and knew it was going to be touch and go with it...but then my left one started at about 11k....and it was B-A-D.  I had thought ahead and brought my other band just in case.  At 12k it was even worse and stopped me dead in my tracks.  For those who have never had IT band issues, you have no idea how painful it is when it comes on.  I would run about 10m and have to walk....I did everything I could think of. I even took the band off my right leg and doubled it up on my left leg.  I text J and said I was having to walk.  He encouraged me to run/walk if I could.  At 15k, I tightened both bands, and mentally prepared to hurt for the final 6k.  I'm sure people thought I was nuts as I was walking down the hills and running up...the pain was 10 times worse if I ran down the hills.  I knew we would be running on the main road in Wolfville for the final 3k and there was no way I was walking on that road where there were so many spectators. 

I entered the track and could feel myself starting to tear up...I was so close.  I rounded the final corner and could see the finish line.  I raised my arms as I crossed and immediately walked to the turf to collapse!
That smile is fake!

All I wanted was a Tim Horton's tea to warm me up!
As seen outside the local Tim Hortons
Then it was back to the track to see the rest of my friends finish their marathons.  It was really chilly while I curled up on the field.
It's the first time that I have seen Heather finish and it's her 10th proud of her.  Sam and Steve (other TTP members) completed their 2nd marathons looking strong!  Oh...and it turns out that the lead bike person took us 300m off course and that's why no one's garmin's were matching.  The race is adjusting our times to reflect the mistake as this was a Boston qualifying time for marathoners!
I cannot walk...I am limping REALLY bad and stairs are causing me great pain...but I finished.  A year ago, I would have stopped and called J to come get me.  Not I felt sorry for myself for about 2 kilometers and then figured out how to get to the end.  I was not letting the 2.15 pace bunny pass way!  I just thought of something....I can't remember my music...the only song I remember was a Shania Twain song with 2.5k left.
The first question people asked was "When will you do another?"  "HA...never!...I'm too sore"  I know that probably isn't I'd like to prove what I can do if I don't have IT band issues.  For now...I am resting and recouping...and trying to walk.  I don't know how people do marathon after marathon and run for 2 more hours...that takes incredible stamina and mental ability!  I saw this bumper sticker on the way home...and I want one.
I am off to take an Epsom Salt bath.  Thanks for checking in to see how I did on my first 1/2 marathon.  I would LOVE to hear memories from your first 1/2 or full marathon...what do you remember most????


  1. I'm really impressed that you cam in under 2:10 with all those IT issues!! IT band pain is no joke!! Congrats on your finish!!

    1. Thanks Ali...I really can't wait for your marathon!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you! I really wish I could have seen you finish :( unfortunately I cannot run a sub 2:10 full I think you will do another. ;) Way to go!!!!!

    1. Thanks so seems surreal! So glad I was able to see you finish!

  3. Hey Congratulations! Your one tough take care of that IT band so you CAN run another half!