Sunday, 28 September 2014

Rum Runners Relay Recap

Wow....say that 5 times fast!!

This was my first year participating in this 100km relay.  Other years I have been on the sidelines cheering folks on, but was able to snag a spot this year. The weekend promised to be sunny and warm...maybe too warm for running.  The description of my leg was "there are a number of large uphill and downhills between the start and finish."  The word large should have been in CAPS!!!  The rating on this leg was a 4 out of 5...pretty much the hardest rating.  Eeeeeeek!  With a half marathon only two weeks away, I was not planning on pushing my hardest. 

We left early enough to snag a good parking spot and sign in at the registration van.  I met up with the captain of our team and received my shirt and bib.  Usually the shirts are cotton, but this year the organizers stepped it up with tech shirts!
I love the little gonzo fellow
At precisely 1:50pm the horn sounded and off we went.  My first kilometer was 4:59 pace...and all downhill!! And then it began, up one hill, level out for about 100 meters, and then down hill.  This continued for about 6 kilometers and with the sun pounding down on me, I decided to walk the hills.  In some cases, I could walk them faster than actually run was painful! Not only was it hot and hilly, but I also had a stitch that decided to remain and just switch sides every now and then. 
I saw the camera and tried to smile but
I was in a lot of pain at this point!
There were a few of us that jockeyed back and forth for position and with two kilometers remaining, I put on a bit of a push and passed them for good.  My finishing time was 55:45 for 9.2k, average pace of 5.59/kilometer.  Not bad considering the amount of time I walked.  This race was a pure mental one for me.  Heat kills me!  All I could think was that the 1/2 marathon better not be this hot or there was no way I was completing 21.1k.
A man came up behind me and said
" have 3 stars on your socks...does
that mean you are a 3-star runner?"  Haha.  Nope!
I admit this was a great encouraging as folks drove by and honked their horns or called out to me.  I've met so many great people this last year through the running community and every one is so supportive of each other!!  This race is pretty strict about the time cut-offs in each leg.  If your pace isn't around 6.00/km, the likely hood of actually seeing the finish line is small as they pack everything up and move to the next leg.  A bit sad for those that choose to race and are a bit slower...but I guess that is what relay's are about.  It's a long day for those that travel the whole 100km but so much fun!!  Great job to the organizers....30 years strong...and I hope many more to come!!

I did realize one thing as I was getting ready for the run.  I might have a tiny obsession with KT tape.  They actually have argyle out now...and I WANT it!  LOL

I want yellow and green too!
Have you ever entered a relay race?  Ya or Na to them?
Do you have a running obsession? Mine is compressions socks and KT tape. :-)


  1. Relays are so fun! I really enjoyd Ragnar. Doing a smaller relay first may have been helpful!

    Love those compression socks!

  2. Great job on your leg! Thanks for cheering as well. :) I'm also hoping the temps are cool for the valley!

  3. Great job! Sounds pretty intimidating!!! I'm trying not to look at the weather for the Valley Harvest would be great to see you!