Monday, 15 September 2014

Even Tough Guys Have Fears

I recently had the opportunity to watch 'Running with Bear Grylls' starring Deion Sanders.
For those of you who do not know who Deion is, he is the only athlete that has participated in both the Superbowl (football) and the World Series (baseball) about overachiever...LOL.  If you don't know who Bear Grylls is - he takes crazy adventures into the wilderness and survives only off the wild why climbing and repelling over crazy mountains and terrain.  And yes...crazy has been used multiple times as this man tackles adventures that many of us wouldn't even dream of trying.
As I watched the episode I was amazed at how 'normal' Deion was.  This man has performed in front of thousands of fans, under ENORMOUS game pressures, and yet as I watched this show, it occurred to me that even this man has fears to face.  I was giggling out loud as he ran from Bear whom was chasing him with a dead snake.  Don't worry Deion...I would have been running too.
I watched with baited breath as Deion stood on the side of a mountain and refused to go any further.  Here was this man who stands over 6 feet tall and who commands your attention facing his fears on national television. He would not be rushed as he took his time to come to terms with what was holding him back...and then slowly....he took his first step.  Then he took another...and another laterally along the mountain side.  With each step, his confidence in and trust of his own abilities grew and allowed him to go further than he ever thought possible!  This took me back to my training...and I`m sure many of you can relate...where I initially said I can`t...but then I slowly grew confident and pushed myself further.  Could I climb the side of a mountain?  At this moment...I'd say no...but I know that my body is capable of anything if I can get my mind to go along with it! 
Do any of you have fears that you have faced? I am scared of heights and tackled it last summer when I did the obstacle course in the trees.  However...I have no desire to jump from a plane or off a bridge!

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