Saturday, 13 September 2014

Maritime Race Weekend 2014 Recap

"Arrrrrr Matey"....that's what I heard more than once in the last two days!!!  That's because it's Maritime Race Weekend where pirates are in abundance!

Sunset 5k
Last night was the Sunset 5k.  The race started at 7pm and ran and out and back loop along the water...with the sun setting and the waters was a beautiful run!!!  This time last year the heavens had opened up and the rain came down in buckets....not this year!  Heather drove a carload of us to the race....and of course we needed a pre-run photo!

Katie, myself, Marg, Sam, & Heather
 I had agreed to be a pacer for a runner that wanted to get a PB of under 30 minutes.  I met her in a predetermined location and walked over to the start line.  There were about 2,000 runners at the start line and we were packed into the starting shoot pretty tight.  With the shot of a musket, the race was off!  Steph and I started off a little quick and it caught up with us in the last 2k...I kept encouraging her...and even told her she could hit me at the finish line but we were getting her a PB!  The last 25 meters or so she pushed it and came across in 29.43...mission accomplished!!!

I met up with a bunch of TTP'ers and had a group photo!
An amazing time was had by all with a great spread of food afterwards. (bagels, freezies, watermelon, chocolate milk, etc)

Sunrise 10km
Look at this view as we approached the start line!
No filter needed
This morning was the sunrise 5k, 10k, 1/2, and full marathons!!  Steph #2 (visually impaired) and I were doing the 10km.  The plan was to start near the front as it is easier for people to pass us then for us to pass people. 
Steph, myself, and Jon at the start line
It actually wasn't as packed this morning so Steph grabbed my arm and away we went.  It was tricky navigating the first 1.5k or so but then the crowd started to spread out.  Steph did amazing and settled into a 6.00/km quickly.  And then it came....the dreaded hill that I'd heard about.  It's a steep hill that seems to go on forever!  At one point I totally forgot what I was doing and poor Steph tripped over an orange safety cone.  Oops.  Focus Courteney!!!!  The great thing about the hill is that we got to go back down it!!  The course was absolutely beautiful with the turn around point having a golf course on one side and the ocean on the other...doesn't get much better than that!!

Coming into the finish line
I pushed Step in the last kilometer or so and we came in at 1:01:34 which was a great pace considering the number of people running!  She did amazing and we already have our next race planned!!
Yes...I'm wearing 2 medals!
With this race, you received a medal and tshirt for the sunset run (the tshirt glows in the dark), and then you received a tshirt and 2 medals for doing a run today...that's a total of 3 medals and a ton of bling! SCORE!!!
When there is a ton of have to hang it to get the full view!
This race is one of the more expensive ones....but TOTALLY worth it!  If anyone is looking for a destination really cannot beat this one!  It's got a bit of everything!!!  I'll be doing this 10km again....I had a blast and really enjoyed not 'racing' this weekend...but rather just enjoying the fun and atmosphere!!

If I was coming to your town....what race would you recommend I do and why???


  1. Great job on your races! You should add NL's Tely 10 to your list of runs. :D

  2. Awesome job! It was fun to see you during the time I need to plan to meet you guys :) Sounds like you had a great time!