Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yurbuds Review & Funny Story

I was in search of a new pair of earbuds.  The ones that I had were a $6 pair from walmart and I found that depending on the weather, they would fall out of my ears during my run.  It was getting very frustrating.  To the internet I went.  Based on suggestions from other runners, I purchased these:
The fact that they are developed for women (or guys with smaller ears) appealed to me greatly.  I was not sure how I'd feel about having the piece that actually went into my ears. 
Turns out that these are a great fit.  They form a great seal within my ears with great sound quality.  You can easily remove the purple silicon piece and wash it whenever necessary.  Today was the first day that the left ear slipped a bit...having said that....I had just jumped in the lake so there was water in my ears. 

These are a bit more expensive at $29.99 but definitely worth the money if they stay in my ears!  Bonus:  they come in different colors!

Now onto my funny story.  Today I decided to run to the lake and back (7km) for an easy run.  As I started out, it was H-O-T!  That's what I get for waiting until lunchtime to hit the streets.  I immediately changed my mind and decided to run to the lake...jump in for a quick swim...and run back.  As I came upon the lake, I noticed that a cyclist was there taking a quick break as well.  He was standing taking in the lake view.  It was breezy and quite relaxing.  I removed my socks and sneakers, iphone, and ipod gear and ran into the lake.  It was so refreshing!!!  The cyclist asked me how the water was and I replied 'awesome'.  He proceeded to take off his bike shoes and wade in.  As I was exiting the water, he said "I think I'm going to go but I don't have any clothes so I'll have to go you mind?"  Hmmmm....nope....fill your boots dude.  I kept my eyes low as he walked by and dove in...buck naked!
I must say that I was supper energized after a short swim and ran home with a little extra 'pep' in my step.  I think I'm going to do this a bit more often for as long as I can.
Love this shot I got on the run home!!!

Has anyone else had a funny thing happen to them when they are out running or biking??


  1. Ha. I don't believe for one second that that little "pep" in your step was from the cool lake alone... ;) LOL

    1. Lol, I thought the same ;)

    2. Both of you...haha....too bad he wasn't good looking!! LOL

  2. Now I will be wondering if the swimmers are in the nude or if they're clothed on my run LOL