Saturday, 16 August 2014

Another Item off the Bucket List - Victoria Park

Today was the day for a journey to Victoria Park.  I've heard such great things that I was really looking forward to going.  I downloaded the directions....well sort of.
Yes...this is a picture of the google directions!
And off we went.  The drive was an uneventful 45 minutes or so...not bad.  And wouldn't you know....we arrive and there is a kids triathlon just finishing...this made me smile and meant I was to come on this day!  And then I saw it....the infamous Jacob's Ladder...175 steps straight up!!  There was a runner there that was doing repeats of this beast.  I said 'good job' as we continued hiking.
It took me 1 minute and 4 seconds to climb it.
Jacob's Ladder is the largest stairs section but not the only....there are is another one.
The quads certainly got a great workout!
There are numerous trails to follow and the paths are all well constructed and maintained.  We came across a couple sets of waterfalls as well.
As we are walking around, I may have said "It's amazing what beautiful places we have right in our backyard."  I'll be back for sure and encourage everyone to take a couple hours and walk through this park!!!    This park also has numerous areas to picnic, a pool, a splash pad, a playground, and a couple grill areas to BBQ. 

A trip to Truro is never complete without a stop at the Mastedon Ridge for ice cream and pictures!
Moonmist ice cream to be more specific.  It's been my favorite since I was a teenager and nothing seems to replace it.
Kids size for me please!
The summer is quickly coming to an end here in Nova sad.  September is just around the corner and we can only hope that it remains warm as is typical for this area.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  Why not have an adventure of your own??  And tell me what your favorite kind of ice cream is!!!

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