Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lesson Learned

This week feels like summer has left us.  I'm sure you know what I mean (well if you don't live in permanent warm climates).  The evenings are cooler, the sun is lower in the sky, and 24 degrees doesn't quite feel the same.  I LOVE IT!!  I sleep better, I run better, and my appetite starts to go back to normal!

Yesterday came and I was supposed to go for a 30km bike ride but I woke up lazy!  Yes...woke up lazy!  I really wasn't feeling it.  But, as would happen with any workout, as soon as I was biking and enjoying the breeze in my hair, I was so glad I went.  Remember....you will never regret a workout!
A beautiful day on the trail...every day I am thankful that I have this trail in my backyard!
Today I was reading the Runners World Marathon/Half Marathon book and came across this article on cross training.
Who knew?  I always tried to push the harder gears as I thought it was helping me.  Time to change my pedal options!!!
On the ride home, Sam text me and asked if I wanted to do a long run with her this morning....my longest run yet....15k...gulp!!!  So at 8am this morning, we left on a run that I mentally broke down into parts!!  The first part, I told myself, would be relatively easy as I knew it was approximately 6.5k out...I can do that.  What I wasn't prepared for was the feeling of my legs....oh man...they were heavy!  At the turn around point, we stretched for about 2 minutes....grabbed a drink and then started on our way back.  The way back would be easier knowing I was getting closer to home...not the case!  My legs got heavier and the last 3km were TOUGH!!!  Sam said it wasn't just me....she was feeling the same way!  Lesson learned....biking 30km the day before a 15km run is not a good idea....not unless you want to practice mental toughness!!!
Sam was actually counting down the final meters...10-9-8-7, etc!
In other news, I've decided to throw my hat into the race director roll!  Yup....on October 25th, the TTP will celebrate one year of existence by holding the BLT 5k Fun Run/Walk.  I might just be crazy!  Stay tuned for updates as I get things rolling!


  1. Fantastic job on your run! I assume you guys were nearly done when I saw you? I can't believe you biked the day before a new long run distance! Lesson learned ;)

    1. We saw you at about 13k and I was dying...LOL.

  2. Talk about a tough workout!! You're a rock star!