Wednesday, 27 August 2014

16km - Holy Crap!

So Tuesday was my long run for the week....16km...only 1 km more than my 15km last week.  I've got this!  WRONG!  Before I left, I ready Ali's blog as she talked about her lows in running this week.  I could feel her disappointment and felt exactly as she did out on my run.  I left at 9:30am and ran out the main road and linked up to the trail on the way back.  It was hot...and by 8km...I wanted to quit...I even sent Sam this text!
As I started the 2nd 8km there were quite a few breaks to drink and take some honey stringers...I couldn't believe how different it felt compared to last week.  I did get it done...but it was hell....yes hell.  The IT started acting up at 15km and I know it's because my form was totally crap by this point!
As I thought back over the prior day I realized that I may not have fueled or hydrated my body properly for the run.  I did not give it what it needed to allow me to do this distance.  FitAndy had posted a couple recipes that she had gotten from this cookbook that looked yummy and nutritious.  I immediately went to Chapters and purchased it...convinced to turn my eating habits around.
I made this chia pudding - it was tasty.
I also was able to snag Eating Clean at Value Village for $4.99...a steal of a deal.  Anyways...the point is that I'm trying to clean up my diet and support my running and fitness habits better.  So last night...instead of my usual crappy snack before bed, I had this:
PB and banana on a piece of Quinoa bread
It's very hard for this girl who L-O-V-E-S chocolate to replace the usual with cleaner habits.  My point being that you don't enter an exam without properly studying (hopefully) so why do I expect my body to perform at its best if I don't fuel it properly!  I'm struggling with getting enough calories throughout the day but hoping to improve!

In other news, the work search continues but in the mean time I am just trying to enjoy the summer (or what's left of it).  Today I went to the lake again and got a tad bit too much sun.  Hehe...but it was so relaxing!
I used a new iPhone app!  This was just a green
tree with blue skies!
Hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer....doing anything special???


  1. Fantastic job on your 16 km run! I might need to purchase that cookbook. It looks quite interesting!

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough run! But you got it done, which is what matters!!!