Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tuesday Long Run - 2nd 15k in the Books

August 19/14 - My 2nd long run of 15k is in the books.  I usually don't eat anything before I run as I find I get stitches...BUT...with increased mileage I need to start finding out what works and what doesn't.  I set my alarm for 7am, ate an English muffin with peanut butter and waited one hour.

I'm struggling a bit with heel/arch pain so I made sure to use KT tape for that, along with my 2nd skin for my blisters.  These long runs take a bit of planning.  LOL.  I had to make sure that everything was laid out the night before and that all my electronics (ipod and garmin) were charged and ready to go.

5k out the main road on pavement and then 9k on the trail.  I like switching up the ground I'm running on to give my body a it was warming up quickly and running in the trail provided shade for the run back. 

How did it feel you ask?  It felt so much better than last week.  Not biking the day before (especially 30km) made a huge difference.  I also ran this run by myself with music and I think knowing that I could do it on my own gave me a bit of confidence as well.  I ended up taking a couple minutes off last weeks time and actually felt like I could go further.   I played it smart though, and stuck to the plan of 15km only.
I followed the run with the ALS ice bucket challenge.  So cold.  LOL
I'm going to voice my opinion on something here....not everyone will agree with me...and that's okay because it's just my opinion.  There are people on Facebook who don't agree with the ALS ice bucket challenge for varying reasons.  ALS is a horrible disease with no cure.  If the ice bucket challenge brings just a little bit of attention and awareness to this devastating illness, then I say "go for it".  If someone recognizes it and donates when someone knocks on their door because they've seen these videos...than 'HURRAY'.  Last year at this same time this challenge raised $32,000....this year....millions of $$ have been raised.  This equals success to me.  And yes....I chose to do both....I kept the challenge going by challenging others and I donated money to the ALS society.  Win, Win in my books. 

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  1. Great job on your long run! Lately I'm finding that oatmeal and berries with coffee is my go to long run breakfast. On race days I stick to banana and coffee...just to be safe, lol.