Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A New Workout Style

It's hump day which means we are 1/2 way through the week!  YAHOO!

Last night J introduced me to the latest fitness craze that is going on....Animal Flow created by Mike Fitch.  The premise around animal flow is that we use our body weight to mimic animals in the nature.  In gymnastics conditioning, we often did donkey kicks, frog leaps, and inch worm.  Having said that, I was surprised at how difficult these simple moves are on my shoulders and legs....not to mention cardio!  I did the following workout:

12 side kicks
12 pike pushups - they are harder than they look
12 crab side stretches
30 crunches (just to get some more core work)

Repeat 3 times!  Breathing through the exercises is a definite must.  There are so many specific connecting moves that it is going to take me a while to learn all of them.

This is the side kick
This is the crab side stretch - my arms were shaking by set #3
This is another move -  the moving front kick
Check out this news highlight that showcases a couple more of the moves that encompasses this workout style.  I think you can see how this will target many of the muscles in our body.  I'm excited to dig a little deeper into this style!!
Please let me know if you have ever tried an Animal Flow workout!!!

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  1. I have never tried Animal flow and I'm betting I'd fall flat on my face trying to! I bet it's a good workout though.