Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How do you define Success?

Today I was asked the question "How do you define your success?"  I couldn't answer the question.  I honestly didn't know how I defined my success in love, in work, in life.  Obviously this has caused me to pause and ponder.  I can't define my life by someone else's definition of success as their journey and story is totally different than mine.

Have I succeeded if I've found a stable career, or own a home, or have a wide circle of friends?  Does that make me a success?  Or have I succeeded if I've managed to get back up even after life has tripped me up?  What defines success? 
Are we habitually working towards success...never quite knowing what the end result is? 
I want to hear from you....how do you define success for yourself??  Is it a specific goal or more of a generalization of life?



  1. I've redefined my own definition of success this year and now I feel that if I've put in the work and done my best, SUCCESS!

  2. Living long enough to cash in on my pension lol. I think success is very personal and depends on how people see things

  3. Hm. This is a tough question. I think success is different for each situation. My success in the classroom vs. in my marriage vs. in my life are all different! But I think they all seem to hinge on setting a goal and meeting it!