Thursday, 17 July 2014

10 Things to Start Doing Right Now!!!

I follow The Bucket List Life on Facebook and every day the owner posts something that causes me to pause and think.  Yesterday, he posted a link to 30 Things You Need to Start doing for Yourself.  All 30 of these items were very worthy and truthful.  I have gone through the list and picked out the 10 that really caused me to pause to think if I did them.  So here are the top 10 things that you need to start doing for yourself now. (and if you already do them....BONUS!)

1.  Start Spending Time with the Right People!
2.  Start making your own happiness a priority! Too often we give all our energy to others and ensuring they are happy but it's time to turn that energy onto yourself.
3.  Start noticing and living in the present.  I am a Type A personality which means I really like to plan everything out.  I think with so much technology at our fingertips that we forget to enjoy the simply things in life like having a morning coffee on the deck, listening to the birds chirp...the quiet stillness of an early morning!
4. Start being polite to yourself.  How often does negative talk enter our minds?  Would we talk to our best friends and family like we talk to ourselves?  NOPE!  Stop it...stop it right now!
5. Start listening to your inner voice.  You know that voice...the little nagging feeling inside of you that says something isn't quite right or that voice that tells you to go for it.  LISTEN!!
6.  Start accepting things that are less than perfect.  Sometimes it is better to accept people and the world as they are instead of setting them up to an unreasonable ideal.  No one is single item is perfect!
7.  Start taking full accountability of your own life.  The decisions are your own decisions and no one else's.  Learn from your mistakes (they mean you are trying) and take accountability!
8.  Start focusing on the possibility of positive outcomes.  If you had a choice to focus on negativity or positivity...which would you choose?  If negativity is your first choice...see #1.
9.  Start working on the things you CAN control. 
10.  Start noticing how wealthy you are RIGHT NOW!  For many of us, we did not have to guess where we would get our supper, we did not have to wonder if we had a roof over our heads, and we did not have to wonder if we had clothes to wear.  Truth be told, we all probably have a dresser full of workout clothes alone!  Wake up every day and remember how fortunate we each are for the things we have right now. 

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