Friday, 18 July 2014

A Little Bump in the Road & Friday Fun

So yesterday threw me a little bit of a curveball.  At 9:00am I got a phone call at work "Can you come up to HR?"  I knew what was coming but the 18 steps up the one floor had my legs shaking.  I walked in the door, politely sat at the table across from the HR representative and my boss as they explained that my position had been eliminated due to operational cutbacks.  Even though you sense it's coming (I was the last manager hired and therefore the first to be let go), it's still a bit of a shock when it happens.  The worst part?  I had taken my car to the mechanics and had no way to get home.
I mean, it's July, so if I have to be's probably one of the best months to be so!!!  I know that everything is going to work out and I'm just going to enjoy some time off for now, concentrate on my fitness, and reconnect with friends! onto Friday Fun!!!  If I'm off, I might as well enjoy the beautiful day!  I went to beautiful local town to visit a friend.  She lives very near the ocean and it was a beautiful morning for a walk.
Then I came home and quickly changed into my running gear.  I told G that I'd do an easy 5k through our city park.  The park is a bit hilly so I was ready for that.  What I was not ready for was that G decided to put me through a bootcamp run.  If anyone isn't familiar with a bootcamp run, you run about 200 meters, workout a body part, and then continue to run.  The benches and picnic tables became our go-to workout tools today.
The view was amazing!
We only ran 2.5km but it took an hour with all the workouts.  I also may have complained the whole time.  G had this evil little laugh every time he had another workout to do and actually asked me near the end "Are you going to complain the rest of the workout?"  It's his own fault...I need to mentally prepare for a bootcamp run...I need to tell my body what I'm about to do to it...not just rush in with a sneak attack!!!  The result???
I swear that neither of these pics were staged - I was genuinely trying
to catch my breath and slow down my heart rate.

Our workout ended at the this castle!  Sadly it wasn't open as I would have loved to have taken a shot of the water views!
And then I ran a leisurely pace back to the car.  I was being a bit goofy in this picture!
You can't tell, but this was a very steep hill behind me!

Now that I know what a bootcamp run is all about, I will definitely do more as it helps keep my metabolism high for about 24 hours! 
The next few days are calling for sunshine so my kiddie pool is set up and I'm all set to enjoy every minute of my time off!  No pun intended, but I'm making lemonade out of these darn lemons!!!
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and thanks for stopping by to say HI!


  1. This IS the best time to be not working, you're right! You know you will find something that you will kick butt at!

    I like your exhausted photo, lol.

    1. Thanks for the positive least I'll have a great tan when I go back to work!

  2. I love your positive attitude! You're sure to find another job quickly,

    This workout sounds intense!!

    1. The workout sure did raise my!!

  3. Hey Courtenay, wow, bump in the road, but never give up. Keep in touch through FB... Or email me @


  4. Ack, news like that can be tough! But you avoided wallowing which is fab. Positive thinking and staying fit is the exact right thing to do in a situation like that. Being fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do to get in the right frame of mind for a new job hunt.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness