Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review of Liverpool 5 Miler Road Race

Today was the Liverpool 5 Mile Road race.  I did this run last year and loved the course. (In profile pic was from the race last year).  It is around a beautiful river in this small town.  I beautiful is this??

Last year this race was SUPER hot...I in my sports bra only hot.  Thankfully this year the organizers decided to move the start time up by an hour to beat the heat that today brought!  Funny the beginning of the race, just as the gun goes off and the runners start, we hear this awful scraping noise.  Everyone turns and watches as a black truck runs into a parked car.  Eeeek.  However, as runners, we had a priority and it wasn't stopping to give a statement...we had a race to run.  Not one of the 100 or so runners stopped.  Sorry Mr. Policeman.   I managed to maintain a level 5:30/km pace throughout the entire race, finishing with a personal best in my 5-mile distance.
I have to admit that this was a comfortable pace for me...and yes...I'm quite aware that I'm not supposed to be 'comfortable' during a race but I had decided that I was going to enjoy this run and if a PB happened...great!  Sometimes when you decide to have fun....great things happen!

There were a handful of TTP running this race (which was great considering it was 1.5 hours away from our home town).  It is great to have friends running the same race and cheering for each other!
It was the lady in the pink's birthday - her family
threw streamers at her at the finish line!
As I was driving home, I literally stopped in the middle of the road to take the picture's still far away but it's actually a line of Canadian geese swimming the river.
This is a great race...I'll continue to have it on my list with a relatively flat course along a scenic route!  And it's even better when you run into blogger friends that you didn't know was going to be there...we actually lined up right beside each other at the start line!  Janet is training for a marathon and you can check her out here...
Instagram photo with Janet

Now I wait patiently for the race photos to hit the website.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like another beautiful run in Liverpool. I really wanted to do it this year but I've been racing a lot and I'm trying to focus on training right now plus it's kind of far, lol. You had a super run! Janet is super sweet. :)

    1. It was a gorgeous run...not has hot as last year with the change in start time...thank god. Focusing on training is super important....good thinking. And yes....Janet is a sweetie...I think she might do the Natal Day race in Dartmouth.