Saturday, 21 September 2013

Potato Soup and Home Video How-to

Happy Weekend everyone!!!!

So last night mom was staying over before she flew to Quebec....this meant I could experiment with video.  Check out the results.....and I apologize for the animal distraction!

As we all know....the first take is never the final take.  This was one of the first tries....Amber was sniffing like crazy...being a curious little girl.  LOL


I started today off by picking up the race kits for tomorrow.  I love the material and pink lettering...YAHOO!

Then I chopped veggies to make this potato soup.  It's in the slow cooker right now and smells heavenly!!!  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to take advantage of other delicious recipes I've pinned.

Recipe Best: slow cooker potato soup
The picture is courtesy of Pinterest as I forgot to take pics when I chopped everything.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow to read my race recap.  Cross your fingers for me that my knees will hold up to finish!!


  1. Awesome video! I have a question about the IT band foam rolling... should that leg be relaxed and limp, or "flexed"?

    1. I don't flex it....leave it un-flexed and let the roller work out the tightness. Let the leg sit still on top of sore spots for a couple of seconds or roll small rolls over the sore spot!

    2. I guess that's what I'll use my running room gift cards for! I bought a sweaty band last week, only because i had the gift cards! There's no way I'd spend 16 dollars of my own money for a piece of ribbon and elastic. LOL But I SHOULD have a foam roller...

  2. I love this post! It's very 'how-to!' :) How cute is Amber?!

    And btw, that soup does look yummy!

    1. It was super tasty...I think a new fav of mine!

  3. Oh wow, cream of potato soup is one of my faves! I am going to try it with red potatoes that looks SO good and perfect for Fall! :-)