Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Word 'Can't'

According to the definition of cannot means 'to be unable to do'.

In my dictionary, cannot or can't means you are not willing to try.  Think about do you know if you haven't even tried?  And if you've tried and failed, then I suspect you simply need a bit more practice.

You can make up all types of excuses that start with I can't but all I hear is that you have not made up your mind to want it enough!  When that day comes, you'll change that one word to an affirmative of "I'll try!"

Tonight was week #5 of the Organ Grinders workout.  We did a track workout at a local university and they all kicked butt!  They continue to push their limits...maybe with a little help from me. :-)  Can you believe they actually call me the bad cop?  Little ol' me?

Not once did I hear, "I can't" come out of any of these athletes mouths.  There is a lot of 'holy crap'...but that is all good.  These folks support each other daily and it leaves me inspired each and every day!!!  If these individuals, who have faced death, can come out and push their limits with me, I can certainly give all I can in my workouts!  I will not say I can't....I will try!

Have a great Thursday folks and change that can't into a 'hell yes'!!!

Tell me something you'd like to try but have yet to!  For me? I'd love to try paddle boating!

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