Saturday, 25 January 2014

There's an APP for that

Let's face it....there seems to be an APP for everything these days.  I have been introduced to a few of them lately that I thought I'd pass along.  I have not used/listened to all of these but do enjoy the ones I have.

For all you plank fans out there....I dare you
to try this kills....I still have not
gotten through the full 7 minutes.

My physiotherapist wants to see my cadence increase.
I just downloaded this app and plan to try it out tomorrow.
Other blogs I follow sometimes mention running to
podcasts so I thought I would try it.  I have only subscribed to
a couple running ones right now but there are so MANY options!
Can't wait to see how these pass the time on my feet!
I love this app.  I have the real little gadget but it
was nice to have this app to run with the group.  Set
the intervals for anything you choose and work away
What apps do you guys use???  Any that you recommend that I try? What about podcasts?


  1. I may download that plank one. Right now all I do is hit the stop watch on my iPhone. My fav podcast is Trail Runner Nation & I like to listen to Cbc's Q with Jian G and also NPR's Wait, Wait Don't tell me!

    1. Crystal....the plank one is CRAZY! I am going to search for those podcasts right now....I even see they have a sleep option so I could put one on when I go to bed....this may become addictive. LOL

  2. I use the Electric Miles app to post runs to Dailymile, also Nike Training has really good workouts, McRun is the McMillan site for training paces, etc, if I forget my garmin or it's dead I have a Nike app on my phone. For podcasts I love The Vinyl Cafe, Another Mother Runner, Stuff you should Know, Marathon Talk... there are so many podcasts!! I also listen to audio books w/ Audible.

    1. I saw the one called Stuff You Should Know...I'll check it out. Oh....I'm going to check out Audible as well!!! Thanks for the tips.

  3. This is so useful! I love my metronome app and I use NTC for squats/planks. Maybe I need to try your 7 minute plank app here!

    I love listening to Savage Love (if you're not easily offended...he tells it like it is) and NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell me

    1. Do you sign in for the NTC app or can you use it without signing in?

      The 7 minute plank is least I find it hard...let me know what you think!