Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Group Runs, Halloween, and Potluck

Hi Everyone and Happy Tuesday,

You'll be happy ecstatic to know that the Timberlea Tundra Pounders is up to 84 members...yes 84.  For next weekend, there are 2 different types of runs planned that I've never done.  One is hill training and the other is cross training and running combined.  I am very excited to try both and work them into my normal running routine.  Last night was an evening run with the group.  Heather picked me up on her way by (running of course) and nearly gave me an asthma attack as I tried to keep up with her pace.  Another solid turnout with 11 people, including 2 new faces! 
It had started to rain and most of the group had left at this point.
Total mileage was about 4.65k including the run to and from the meeting spot.  A nice easy pace has kept my knee from bugging me and I'm excited by this.

This week is Halloween.  I know this is not an all-points bulletin news fact but it's getting the better of me.  I am going to look like the fellow below by the time this week is over....in a Halloween coma.  There is chocolate/candy at every other desk in the office...and of course it's here at home too.  I just can't resist!!!
This is my coworkers sense of Halloween humour.
Tonight was a potluck with some old coworkers...and there is nothing better than a variety of food to choose from.
The appys at the top were soooooo YUMMY!!
And finally...I had some Running Room gift certificates to use and as soon as I walked through the door and spied this jacket...I knew I was done!  Add a reflective vest, and you can't miss me in the dark!!!!
I'm off to watch the Biggest Loser and relax before bedtime.  Stay tuned for TTP updates and to see how the new workouts go!  Until then, be sure to fit in some R&R (running and relaxation).


  1. I love the jacket! I have been looking for warmer tops for running in the Winter :-)

    1. I wore it for the first time last night Kimmie....liked the feel.

  2. You'll be seen for sure! I'm told I look like a robot in mine, lol.

    1. I only wore the jacket tonight...but I'm sure the vest will come in handy.