Friday, 20 September 2013

Oh Piriformis!

Today was my 4th osteopath appointment.  I haven't seen Dr. Stone in about 3 weeks and it comes at a great time given I had knee pain last weekend and a race this weekend.  She was glad to hear that my left knee seemed a bit better and went to work on my right side.  As we all know, my IT band is very tight and she worked to loosen it up a bit.  It's weird, because she seems to do just little light adjustments (well...most of the time) but I always feel better.  Then she decided to roll me on my side and stick her elbow into the side of my butt.....OUWEE!!!!  She was like "Ohhhhhh...that's your piriformis!"  UH? you say? too!  I'm learning all these medical terms for running muscles that I never knew!

If you push on the little indentation on the side of your know the one I mean...the one that shows an indent when you squeeze your cheeks together...that's your piriformis.  Mine is VERY sore when I push on it.  As she worked through it, I realized I could feel the stretch right down my leg!
That little purple section and a bit more
to the right is my piriformis!
Dr. Stone gave me some extra exercises to help stretch the area.  I have been doing the pigeon pose but she gave me a variation that I think will work better for me.  As I walked out of the office, I saw so many runners and wanted to join them sooooooo bad.  But no running for 48 hours after a Sunday it is!!!

I am hoping that with the continued rolling and new stretches that I'll be fine for the 5k on Sunday.  It's another new-to-me race...The Sneaker Shredder....check out the shirt and finishing medal.
This is the first race that K and I will both be running in and the first one that she will actually get a medal for.  She is beyond excited.  I am so proud of her as she has embraced the running world with open arms!!!  She gets it!!!

Today is a vacation day for me and I've spent time in the garden and with my favorite little man!!
He just makes me smile no matter how I'm feeling!!!
Oh....and I may or may not have gone to LuLuLemon as well.  I tried on 2 pairs of Groovy Run Shorts but as I jogged in the changing room (does anyone else do this?), they felt kind of tight as I brought my legs forward.  I put them heard right...I put them back!  They also had some super cool colors of the Short Running Short....I was sooo tempted but the temps are getting cooler and I won't need shorts very soon.  You heard that right mom....I refrained!!!   But for anyone reading....Christmas....hint hint...size 2. Hehe
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an R&R weekend....relaxing and run-filled!
Does anyone else run in the changing room when trying on new running clothes?
What type of running short/skirt does everyone prefer??
If you could describe a perfect vacation day....what would it be???


  1. I find it REALLY hard to find running pants/shorts that fit me right. Tights, I mean. They always feel like the crotch is too low and they feel funny just below my butt. I have to keep pulling the legs up until I have them all bunched up at the top of my thighs and then they feel right.. until I run for a few minutes and they get pulled down again. LOL I haven't tried any lulus yet though... cause even if they fit right, I can't afford them!

    Have fun at your race this weekend!!I think on sunday I'm going to try my first 10k in over a month.

    1. I know what you mean....we are tiny folk...LOL...and pants never fit right!

      Good luck on your 10k...I'll be checking you blog to see how you've done!!!

  2. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one that ran in place in the changing room! It has saved me from some very cute, but potentially bad choices for running gear! :-)