Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday Drive and Mile a Day complete I started this post out as the beginning to my Sunday post...but it got too big.

Today was a fun day for me.  I had arranged to go see a friend of mine (R) in this quaint little village an hour away.  Instead of taking our highway system, I thought I'd take the original old highway that goes through all the small little towns on the way.  I made note of places I wanted to stop on my way back.  'R' has 2 little girls who are so precious.  They were super excited to have a visitor and made me a few cards and little gifts.  Here is just a sample.
That's the 3 of us on the bottom...not sure why her mom
isn't there too.  LOL
It was super fun to catch up, have a few laughs, and finally see their new home (they only moved in about 2.5 years ago).  As I left, I was a little hungry and stopped for my first soft serve ice cream in years!
Sooooo freakin' yummy!!!!!
I drove like I was a 'Sunday' driver.  If you're not familiar with that term, it's what we call people who go so slow when they are more interested in looking around than driving.  I did pay attention to ensure I wasn't holding any one up.  My next 'pic' stop was a local beach.  Despite cloud, fog, and a bit of wind, there were still plenty of people taking advantage of the sand and water.
This pic makes it look like the sun was wasn't.
You can see the fog laying on the horizon.
Once I got home, I had a super long nap...I guess it was all the driving.  I woke up around 8pm and realized I still needed to get my one mile challenge in for the day.  Quick to change and head out, it was a cooler evening and a nice run.  I slowed it down a bit knowing that I want to try a longer run tomorrow.
I love my new Pro Compressions and am actually going to place another order for my mom.  A neighbour saw my shoes the other night and called them the 'best glow runners he's ever seen'.  I saw him again tonight and he said he could see me coming 500 meters away.  LOL.  What can I say?  I like bright colors.  As I rounded the corner, I looked to the beautiful evening sky.....just look at those clouds!

Well that's another day complete and another mile down.  So far so good.  Tomorrow I'll start my long run out with K, and then I'll just keep going.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great run tomorrow if there is one on the schedule!


  1. That ice cream looks amazing!

  2. The ocean looks so pretty, even without the sun shining! :-)