Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Migraines and Mile a Day Challenge starts

Hi everyone and Happy Hump Day!

Last night K messaged me with very exciting news.....she registered for the Run or Dye 5k to be held in September...that's right...her first 5k 'race environment' run!  This is a perfect run for her first one.  It is not timed, is going to be HUGE amounts of fun, and the energy from all the people is going to be contagious!  She even bought extra dye packets to throw. Check out the event webpage here!

Well I went to the doctor today and he is sending me to get an xray of my leg/knee to see if he can spot a stress fracture.  In the mean time, pain killers or IBprofin.  I'm also wondering if something like A535 will help. 

I'm off to physio on Tuesday as well.  I'm praying that it isn't a stress fracture as all that heals that is time/rest.  BLAH!  Until I find out if it is a stress fracture, I am cutting back my running and will probably only do the training runs with K and try a long run on Sunday. Except of course that MILE A DAY starts TOMORROW!!!!

Speaking of my health, I usually suffer from awful migraines during the winter each and every month.  I noticed last year that when I was running during the summer months, they all but disappeared.  Then came winter and I was laid up with IT Band issues, and back they came.  I am happy to say that they have disappeared again this year with my running activity.  I have tried to do some internet research on why this happens, but have come up with very little scientific proof.  I'm assuming that it has something to do with increased blood flow but can't find anything to back it up.  I'm just so happy that they have all but disappeared once again.

Yesterday was cake day at work (once a month we celebrate people's birthdays) and here was the piece I decided to try.  Come on....who could pass this up???


What pain killer do you recommend?  Tylenol?  Aleve? Advil?

Who else is doing the MILE a DAY challenge?


  1. That is so interesting regarding the migraines. I notice that if I have a headache, it disappears during the run too. I wonder if it has to do with hormones/brain chemicals??? Look at us all scientific! ;)

  2. LOL...I tried using my detective skills to find some type of science behind it...but alas I can't. :-(

  3. I wish I knew more about migraines, but they seem pretty mysterious to me.

    I really need to think about doing run or dye. I'm hoping to do the runway run the week before, and I'm not sure I can justify two races back-to-back weekends...

  4. The migraine thing might just have to do with increased oxygen flow when you are doing an activity. Some people are treated for migraine pain by being hooked up to an oxygen tank but any continuous physical activity might have a similar response.

  5. I hope your knee/leg isn't too serious and is an easy fix. So frustrating! :(

    I'm going to tell Red Fox this new migraine therapy theory. He gets migraines often, and this might be a way to get him to exercise more!

  6. I hope your knee/leg is nothing serious! Fingers and toes crossed for you! I also get migraines, they are the worst! Unfortunately I have to take prescription meds for the nausea and pain.

    On a side note, how to you stay up to date with Wordpress blogs? I tried Bloglovin, but I am not that impressed, I think its easier to just visit your page :-)

  7. Oh, one last thing! I am in on the mile a day challenge! :-)