Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ugly Long Run

Happy Sunday night everyone,

I've been lazy today after my run plus I have a killer migraine (right after my post about not getting them...murphy's law).  The length of today's run was up in the air as I wasn't sure how my knee/leg would hold up.  I was going for feel today.

Here is how it all went down....I ran from my place to K's...approximately 1.5k where I stopped the garmin.  K and I then did our run/walk series for 2.85k.  I then proceed to run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute for 9.5k when my knee decided that I should stop and walk for a much longer period.  At this point, I shut off the garmin.  I pretty much walked the rest of the way home...with a bit of running here and there...another 2.88k.  That equals A LOT of time on my feet today. And it was UGLY!  At least the last 2.88k was.  My feet hurt...I had taken no water/fuel with me....and I could barely lift my legs by the end.  Oh...and guess iPod died on my way to K's and I didn't have my phone with me.  That's music for this entire run.  Here is another foot blood this time!
This was a water blister that I burst.
I actually enjoyed running the 4/1 intervals...did it help me go further?  No idea.  I am able to time these perfectly using my GymBoss timer.  You can set this to any intervals that you choose and then run your heart out.  I also use it when doing timed exercises.  I do have a phsyio appointment on Tuesday and am hoping Allison can work her magic.  If not, the 1/2 marathon is up in the air. 

As soon as I got home, I showered and put on my Lunatik sleeves to help compress my calf muscles and hopefully minimize DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). These babies are tight.  When I took them off, there was an impression of the word Lunatik on my legs!

And then I did what all runners do after a long run.....I baked cookies.  LOL.  These are the best chocolate chip cookies I've found!  The recipe can be found here and I suggest you bake them immediately.

And finally to cap off a lazy Sunday, I checked the mail and found this :-).

Looks like I'll be spending my Monday lying around and catching up with Runners World!!!  Make sure to check back on Tuesday to see what Allison's assessment of my leg/knee is and to see if running the 1/2 is still possible.  Warning...if it isn't...I might be a bit cranky...but do have a backup plan!

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  1. Fingers are crossed for Tuesday!

    Those cookies are totally screaming my name ;) LOL