Saturday, 3 August 2013

Stretching & Splinters

I'm always perplexed by the notion of stretching.  Some resources tell you to stretch before running, some say to only do it after.  I found this exert from an article on 

"Running only requires that you can move your legs in the functional range, so if you can run comfortably and without injury, there is no need to stretch. There are many reasons given for stretching; most are “mythical.” Stretching does not prevent injury or improve performance. However, warm up activities do prevent injury and improve performance, so time is best spent warming up the muscles rather than stretching before activity. Stretching before activity will decrease power, force output and jump performance, and speed. Dynamic warm up activities, utilizing the muscles to be challenged in your work out or competition, will improve your performance and give you the most benefit for your time. Sprint time is faster, agility measures are better, and of greatest significance, running economy is better."

Lately I've been trying to roll and do some quad stretches before I venture out on my runs...should I change this practice I wonder??  I have to admit, that I then slack when I get back from my run and do not stretch out the kinks and tightness.  I came across this video as I was doing my research, and I think I'm going to try and complete this after each run.  I always find yoga forces me to slow down and find my breath!


Today is a relaxing day for me, with only my mile run.  I am 2 for 2 on my mile a day challenge so far.  Knowing I only have a mile to do allows me to go at a fast pace for the full feels good to swing my arms...unlike my usual T1000 running form.
In other news....I got a REALLY deep splinter this morning and cannot seem to get it out.  I am trying a trick listed on Pinterest ( baking soda and water) but it's not working.  Anyone have any 'magic' formulas for getting out splinters?  How can a tiny little sliver of wood cause so much pain??

And I shall leave you with a pic of my favorite little man (Indy) on a walk with me bright and early this morning.  PS.....I love this's cooler at night and warm during the day!!! Can't get much better!

Do you stretch before or after a run? 

What type of stretches do you do?

Any splinter horror stories?



  1. I stretch before and after I run, its more habit really, but I do think before helps with getting my muscles ready! ;-)

    Awe, Indy is so adorable!

    Try soaking your finger in Epson salt, it draws the splinter out and is a great preventative for infection as well :-)

    1. Thanks for the Epson salt trick...I'm going to have to try that as I don't really want to wait until it 'works' it way out.