Friday, 26 July 2013

Saucony Kinvara 4 Review!!!!

Hold on to your hats folks...there are going to be a lot of words like "love, amazing, fabulous, etc"

First off, here is what the Saucony website has to say about the shoe:

RUN - Natural
Building on its award winning pedigree, the Kinvara 4 is a perfect synthesis of celebrated design elements from previous versions. Kinvara loyalists will love the upgrade from ProGrid to PowerGrid in the heel landing zone for even smoother transitions and an improved overall ride (PowerGrid is a lighter yet more durable compound than ProGrid), in addition to the redesigned upper continuing to utilize FlexFilm for a lightweight, natural feel in the forefoot and toebox areas Weight: 6.7 oz. / 190 gm (size 8)
If you wear bright shoes, you gotta
wear bright running clothes!
Now for my words. :-) 
  • Weight -  I was a bit worried that the 4 would not be as light as the worries there.  This shoe feels like I'm wearing nothing. 
  • Heel to Toe - The heel to toe drop is a small 4mm which greatly helps me maintain my forefront running form.  The greater the drop, the more I tend to start heel striking again...and this is not a good thing. 
  • Color? - AMAZING!!!  I feel that the bright colors just suit my personality and am so glad that Saucony put out some great colors.
  • Mesh Toe - so glad they kept the mesh toe lets in air and makes me feel like I'm wearing a see-through shoe.
As I was running through the neighbourhood, trying them out on different surfaces, I have to say that they reacted equally well to trail and pavement.  I am in LOVE and they were worth the wait!  Having said that, if you need more support or more heel to toe drop, these are probably not the shoe for you.  It's important to remember to get fitted by a proper running store.  I do recommend Aerobics First as they do have the money back guarantee.  I bought these at Sport Check because I just knew that we were meant to be together!!!!

On a different note, as I was running past the school playground, I couldn't help to notice the new playground equipment.  The first thought that jumped into my head was cross-fit exercises.  Heather and I were talking about chin-ups and leg lifts (the key to tightening the lower abs) and I couldn't help thinking that this equipment would be perfect!
I envision chin-ups, monkey swings (to tighten traps/lats), and other cross=fit exercises!  Get ready Heather, we've got some exercising to do!!!!

And finally....these little bites are going to be the death of me!!!!  I can't eat just one...or two...for that matter!

What shoe are you in love with and why???

Do you have a secret snack that you can't live without??

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  1. Great post! I love my Nike Free Runs, I have tried a couple different brands but just couldn't switch ;-)