Sunday, 28 July 2013

Why I blog and my Sunday Run.

People often ask me why I blog??  Initially it was (and still is) to hold me accountable for my training plan and fitness.  Even if I only have 2 people whom follow me...that is 2 people that will ask me how I'm doing and I need to be able to answer them!

The other day, I realized another reason that I blog.  A facebook friend sent me this on my wall:

"Keep up with posts Courteney, they are keep me motivated... just did my pb 5 km after reading one of your posts... had a hard time getting of sofa, so i read a few blogs, and killed it! thanks"

Even if I motivate one person to start or keep running, then I am a happy girl!! 

Having said that, my run today will inspire no one!  I set out to do a conservative 10k this morning knowing that my knee would not handle any more.  Turns out, my knee couldn't handle 10 either.  I got 8k completed and then had to walk the last 2k home.  I really don't want to injure myself for the long term like I did last year.  I enjoy running, and thinking of another 6 month hiatus is not fun.  I also have to think of K.  I've committed to running with her and it's not fair to consistently tell her I can't because of my knee.

So what am I going to do?  I'm going to go see Allison at physio and Julia for a deep tissue massage.  I'm hoping that the combination of these two elements will help with the problem.  I also have to step up the rolling and glute exercises.

 A mini break to admire nature.
If neither of these solutions works, then I might just have to be happy with running 5 and 10ks this year and try again next year for a 1/2.  This would be a HUGE blow to my confidence but I need to think long term, not short term.

Next race for me is the Navy 10k.  This is a 5k or 10k route (the 10k being a 2nd loop).  This would be my 5th year doing it and was the first 5k I ever ran.  I remember doing 4 minute/1 minute run/walks.  Last year I did my first ever 10k on this route.  Knowing my love of bling, I'm not sure why I do this race as there is no bling upon completion.  I guess it's just nostalgia.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a great week full of running and relaxation.

If you are a blogger, why did you start?

What is your next race?


  1. Ugh, that sucks (knee). It's always so hard to change plans, but it sounds like you have a good attitude :)

    I started blogging for what sounds like similar reasons as you did - half to motivate myself, half hoping I might be able to help others. I always learn so much from reading other blogs, so hopefully I can do the same!

    I've actually been thinking a bit about doing the Navy 10K too - I'd really like to do a couple of 5-10K races, so maybe that will be it! I'm also planning on doing the 5K runway run in September.

    1. I've never done the runway one...that might be fun. You should do the Navy's a fairly flat course with over 1000 runners. I think that's why I do it...seeing that many runners take off always gets my adrenaline going!!!

      I love reading other peoples blogs as it always gives me other ideas as to how to improve mine. I think I'm hooked on the link you have on your site of Running Bloggers!

  2. Hey! You'd asked me a couple weeks ago about the mental aspect of running a half marathon (I was still on pain killers!). Blogging helps me get through :) I tell my blog I'm going to run X amount of miles, and when I'm at mile 8-11 I know I want to finish so I can post my long run! I am actually planning on doing a post on long runs, but it may be a while. But here is a little list :)

    1. Be prepared (clothes, food)
    2. Music!
    3. Tell people before, you'll want to tell them how you did.
    4. Go slow
    5. Run where you like to run. This was big for me adding mileage. If I ran on flat, fun paths it gave me a big mental advantage!

    Good luck! And like hearing your progress!

    1. Thanks so much. The two I find the hardest are to go slow (I dislike having runners pass me thinking how slow I am...I automatically think they aren't running as far as me) and being prepared with food/hydration. I like your thinking!

  3. I started blogging as a means to document my training and general thoughts :-)

    1. It seems that most people start out this way.