Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Member to the running craziness

This post makes me happy to share.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blurb on our neighbourhood facebook page asking to see if anyone would like to join me for the odd long run.  I had one person IM me, I'll call her 'K' from now on, but she is a newbie.  :-)  She wanted someone to get her going but she was intimidated to start.  That's all I needed to hear.  There is NO ONE who should be intimidated to run, or feel like someone will make fun of them.  Everyone can do it!  I happily volunteered to help her get out there and work up to a 5k.  She wants to surprise the heck out of her in-laws who are also runners.  Those who know me, know that I have coached gymnastics in the past, and there is nothing that makes me feel better than watching someone realize that they have reached a goal they have set for themselves.

Well tonight was the first night for K and I to meet up.  I really thought I knew where she lived so I just started out running to meet up with her.  It quickly became apparent that I did not know where her street was and continued to run in circles.  People were starting to look out their windows at this strange person running in circles (not really....but that's how I felt).

I finally FB'd her and let her know I was lost.  She kindly guided me to her home.  I settled on a gradual 5k program of walk/run and we started out.  We walked for 2 minutes/ran for 1 minute and repeated this 8 times.  I have to admit, I loved to hear her say it was easier than she thought it would be.  By the last minute of running, she was a little tired, but still excited to have finished her first day.  And the best news?  She quickly FB'd me and said "I want to go again now!"  PERFECT!  So stay tuned for updates as to how K is doing and whether I can pass on my crazy obsession to her!

My scheduled run called for 8k tonight, so I ran over to K' getting the 2.45k that K and I ran...and then ran the long way 7k.  Good blood blister did not burst!  I really need to get back into my stretching regimen!!

I have to mention that I was at my aunts on the weekend to visit my cousin and his family.  We had a sort of potluck dinner.  Check out the spread:

Top: thai salad, macaroni salad, apple/cucumber/radish salad
Bottom:  apple crisp and ice cream
Here is the link to the apple/cucumber/radish salad.  I know it sounds like a weird combination, but was yummy.

That's it for tonight....but I'm off on vacation for a couple of expect to hear from me a little more and does not matter how fast you are going, all that matters is that you try!!!!


  1. Cool, I'm excited to hear about K's progress!

  2. That's awesome! Its always neat to pass along the love of running to someone else! :-)